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TOOFACED fangirling

You're probably thinking how much makeup does a girl need, right? i mean it is just so endless. every makeup brand is different which means basically i need it all. i think silently im building up a MUA 's collection. different tones, smells, skin combos for each individual! i think there is an addication within myself to try something new and yes, it applies to makeup. especially when you watch so many makeup tutorials and you just end up saving all the links to the products so you can try them out for yourself haha

Today's post is feautring the gorgeous smelling 

i had never tired this brand before i got the items above for christmas. but ii had been a huge
fan since nikkitutorials and other beauty vloggers use these
products. i had heard so many good things about the semi sweet eyeshadow palette but i was
super super suprised by the lipsticks.
At £20 a pop (sorry bank balance) it just isnt viable for me to even buy one
of them without making me feel guilty! i may be a changed woman though. im so addicted to the melted nude shade, it is literally the nicest mix of brown and nude
and is so perfect for everyday wear. i mean i think its almost half empty!! i'll probably mourn the empty tube once its all gone >_<
the texture is so velvety and creamy and the little applicator at the end is the best thing i have used to get a perfect application. i love the red colour too but im more of a nude gal throughout the week, i should take advice from miss monroe and wear red more as it did wonders for her. 
the swatches i did in the photo above are not very true to the colour on the lips though, maybe becuase the skin has a different undertone? honestly though, i couldnt recommend them enough, the wear is very long lasting and i think even if you only purchase one of these you will turn too. 
currently you can buy these at debenhams in the UK, but i think the stock is always low so be quick. i would suggest going into a store and trying out a tester first, as it is a lot of money.
Melted nude - buy here
Melted velvet - buy here 
Lets get to the eyeshadow!!!! My eyeshadow game has seriously changed. The first thing you will notice if you buy this, is the smell of CHOCOLATE! on some kind of level i have had to restrain myself from licking the chocolate coloured shadows. eyeshadow infused with cocoa powder is giving me all the feels. the shadow colours are spot on, if you love brown tones with matte and shimmer then this is for you. peanut butter and mousse are my fave shades ever, i havent found a better colour for the inner crease before, and they apply really smooth. i cant wait to use blueberry swirl, even though it is a bit out of my comfort zone. pinksugar, bon bon and butter peacan are perfect highlighting shades for the brow bone and inner corners of the eye, caramel is the perfect shimmer shade for the base of the lid! i mean its endless on what you can create but i find the colours a perfect match for my skin tone.
Eyeshadow palette - buy here 

**off topic**
i know this is off topic but since when was there a new "tom and jerry show"??, its nothing compared to the original! ;(

 The other 4 pictures i have are also christmas presents, i think they are from BHS im not too sure so i dont have any links, sorrraayy. the contour palette is actually pretty good, im pleased it has a cool toned brown shade as well as the lighter shades. im not really loving the brown brown shades cos they have an orange undertone. the eyshadow palette is shimmery and has brill highlighters! i love the range of colours and am looking forward to creating looks with it :)
do you have a favourite makeup brand ?


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