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Fri-YAY inspiration

on a daily basis i have so many images floating around my head, im such a visual person i love seeing images. makeup looks (loving the halloween ones right now) fashion #ootd's, nature photos so on and on... so i wanted to compile some images that sum up my mind this week ♥


Seasonal changes beacuse of the daylight saving, thats the title i have choosen for todays post. As you can see i went on my first location shoot, which was such a last minute job so that is why there is a rather intense difference in the lighting!!  The thing is the moon was so big and full in the evening and it was orange in colour that i kinda accepted that the photos were in the dark ha it looked beautiful!  You may or may not (if you follow me on instagram, you def will :')) know about these LAMODA "it girl boots" they are so beaut and versatile, here i have styled them a bit more casual but in my head i have imagined them with a pencil skirt or something a bit more flirty and fun! Bu hey, they can also be worn to treck about in the mud.  How would you style these boots? Boots - LAMODA Sunglasses - LAMODA Tee - Primark - similar here Jeans- New look - similar here (only £13!) Coat - PLT (get 25% off  coats with

LAMODA & those IT girl boots!

This week i gladly stumbled upon an email from (one of my fave up and coming brands right now!!) seeing if i would like to collaborate and review my shopping experience with took a lot of strength for me to say yes! NOTTTT! I jumped at the chance. So basically i picked these 3 items - ♥ GOLDMEMBER! FOXXY SUNGLASSES ♥ ♥ BREAK YA NECK ECLIPSE RING CHUNKY CHOKER ♥ ♥ IT GIRL BLACK BOOTS ♥    It actually took me over 40 minutes to make a final choice on what to buy haha. I love literally all the shoes and boots, i am currently eyeing up these bad boys .. BLOW YA MIND BERRY BOOT and these shoes i have had a place in my heart ever since i saw them BAD TO THE BONE GREY . To me though the 40 or so minutes i spent looking didnt seem like a chore, as i t can with some sites. I find LAMODA to be so pretty to the eye and easy to navigate around, it does make that shopping experience all the more pleasurable.  I did unbox the package this mo

Magnitone x Beauty expert

Beauty Expert is vastly becoming my go to place for all things beauty and skin care, so you can imagine how delighted i was when i was able to collaborate with them and let you know my results with the Lucid Magnitone cleanser and exfoliating brush ! (linked item is similar to the one i have, not the exact one - exact one in pink HERE ) NOW, this bad boy is something i have been dying to try since foreverrrrr!! The day the Magnitone arrived i was sooo happy and was showing my mum the product, giving her a little tutorial of how it works even though i hadnt even read the instructions and just made out i knew! Then it dawned on me, i really am walking the footsteps of my mum! Not only this but everything beauty or skin care related she yaps at me " oooo, i had one of those years ago"and gives me all her advice haha The brush is super cute as it is travel size so this guy is gonna be coming with me everywhere. I have used my magnitone 3 times since

#OOTD | wear it again..

You may remember this Missguided dress from another of my #OOTD posts " Throwback Forward " it is such a versatile item that i have worn it here as a waistcoat type thing. If you love an item so much why not wear it more than once and in different ways! Here again are those boots which make me feel cross between puss in boots and a horse rider! These sunglasses were also a bargain from eBay! Just £2! Dress - Missguided Boots - Public Desire Top - New Look ( similar here ) Leggings - Primark ( similar here ) Sunglasses - ebay Much love, Sarah XOXO


Right now im in some sort of blogging limbo, maybe its just me, but im pretty much a perfectionist and im not always 100% happy with how my photos come out. These are a prime example of this and i have a hard time with it, a lot of back and forth wether to post them or not. BUT its like i see an outfit i love and i really want to post it and i just get so so motivated from looking at other bloggers, scrolling through instagram and in general life and i think to myself "to hell with it" i want to post my outfit and blog about it! So its kinda like do i not blog at all ( nooo , i love blogging!) or do i wait until i can do location shoots, or have a better camera?!! My blog for me is also like a personal diary and a progression journel so maybe in a couple of months i may improve leaps and bounds and the fact of it is, if i didnt have the posts here that im not overly in love with how can i measure if i have improved or not? Boots - Public Desire