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#BEAUTY | Nouvaeu Lashes #LASHGANG

Im officially a #Lashgang member! WOO :) So Nouveau Lashes was lovely enough to send me some beautifully packaged products to try! As if the packaging isnt pretty enough the quality of the products are amazing. I decided to delay this post so that i could try the products out for a good few weeks and that i have!    For the days that i dont wear mascara this little serum kinda saves my whole entire life haha it says to use twice a day, which i have been doing and tbh i wasnt sure if it would do anything for my lashes but i was suprised when i noticed that my lashes looked more curly and defined, im not gonna say they have doubled in thickness or grown in length but it does kinda give that impression in just a more effortless way. I actually tend to put this on before i wear my mascara as well, i let it dry and then pop on a light layer of mascara and it looks fab! It also adds great nourishment to my lashes. elegant and pretty...STYLES ..

#OOTD | Ripped Jeans X Creepers

An #OOTD with a very different photography style than i have ever done before! Different angles and editing...let me know what you think?! I also decided to only pick a few photos rather than making it such a photo heavy post. I know its been a long time since i have posted an outift but adulting has never been easy, even more so that i have a full time job now *screams* where will i ever find the time?!!?! That leads me on to asking, would you be interested in blog posts about blogging and working full time? This outift by the way is something i quickly threw together with the idea of autumn/summer/typical british weather in mind. Its sunny, oh no its raining...freezing....boiling! PHEW... you cant really go wrong with jeans, especially ripped jeans.. i bought these from boohoo recently because i didnt own any! I love a pair of black jeans and boohoo jeans tend to be comfy. The top i picked up in store at H&M, it was a good price at something like £7.99, bu

#BEAUTY | A magical dry brush makeup remover

  Shadow Switch is a new handy makeup remover for the tools you use on a daily basis! Whether its just a brush for a dab of blush or a few different brushes for the crease, lid and brow bone. We all use brushes and most of us dont clean them that often.....*guilty* i tend to dab my brush into various eyeshadow shades..sometimes mixing them and transferring a colour i dont want! This little pot called Shadow Switch is great for cleaning brushes dry, so you dont have to wet the brushes and wait for them to dry! I myself hate doing the monthly washing of my brushes and i have seen so many makeup memes about washing brushes haha!  All you have to do is twist the brush in a clockwise motion a couple of times and the brush is a lot cleaner than it was before, now im not saying that its a thourough clean and there are no germs.. its just so that the colour of the makeup is now off of the brush :) these are avaliable to buy at Amazon for now here

#MAKEUP | Highlighter dupes + One branded makeup haul

 Say hello to Technic, a sassy, sweet, on trend, on budget makeup brand! I would probably say the brand is similar to the likes of MUA or Makeup Revolution from the high street stores but these products i have had the pleasure of reviewing are great in quality!  Every product differs, so maybe a shadow palette from MUA may not be as pigmented but their lipstick may have a longer lasting power, its always about finding the right medium with different brands and then sticking to it. I always like to remember that jsut because a price is really high or really low it doesnt mean that the quality is going to be amazing or trashy.  But im actually really impressed with some of the items and their quality and the one that stands out to me is the highlighters! one of my fave ever makeup products! anyway let me talk through some of the items below and if you would like to purchase any you can visit here : the prices are so low