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#EVENT | Blogger Hangout event - Strand Gallery

My second attendance to a Bloggers Hangout event! (read about my first one here ) Held at the Strand Gallery in London, which was a tight squeeze for the huge turn out of bloggers! So much so that is was so hot and sticky inside but i didnt let that put a dampener on the event. It was full of fantastic brands some new and some i have heard of before. All im saying is thank god for Cocktail Mania , those girls saved all our blogger needs with the tastiest (alcohol) slushies! ;) I went and spoke to the lovely people at Pink Parcel first and was so impressed by their concept. I had heard of them before but i never really did too much research. Basically they are a sub box (i love a good sub box) for your time of the month. They have lots of bits and bobs to help cheer you up like makeup, chocolate and skin care and also the essentials like pads or tampons and a tea sachet that is soothing to your monthly cramps! For £10.50 inc p&p each month you cant really

#REVIEW | Bloggers Ball event goodies review

If you want to read my post about the actual Bloggers Ball event then i have linked it below Bloggers Ball event review  I always feel so grateful when i get goodies to sample from a blogger event and this was no different! Most of the products being beauty based i was in my element. So here are some images of the goodies and a little review of each! A few goodies from Just Beauty   The place for all things nails, skin, hair and body! These nail varnishes are so beautiful, much better than i was thinking they would be for sure. I love the blue colour against my skin it really makes my tan stand out. Invisibobble are my life, i picked up the cheap version of them in Primark a while ago and i think they really area game changer. So i was happy when i saw the actual brand in the bag haha! Carmex is also one of my faves for lips, i do actually prefer the cherry flavour but it was nice to try out the lime flavour :)   Lets talk all things Vatika naturals ! As

#EVENT | The bloggers ball - hosted by Scarlett London

When i get an email invite to a blogger event the first thing i tend to do is squeal , so this is exactly what happened when i got the invite to the Bloggers Ball a few months ago! The event was hosted by Scarlett London and this made it all the more exciting as i had never before been to one of the events by Scarlett.  So i have put together a little post about the day, including the location and the brands and my general thoughts on it all :) i also think i will do a seperate post with a review of some of the items i got from the amazing brands there! HERE I always love these events because you discover brands that you may or may not have even known about before but more than that, you get to have a chat to them personally and see their passion shine thorough. As a blogger who is very passionate myself,  i really appreciate when a brand is similarly as passionate. It can really make a difference to wether i want to work with a brand or not! I love to also see a roomful of l

#RECIPE | Acai berry pancakes with pink lady apples

I think once in a blue moon it is nice to treat yourself to a slap up breakfast, no i dont mean the full english breakfast type! Just a dish that takes a little more thought and has that added love when being made. So i came up with the perfect recipe (if i do say so myself) when Pink Lady Apples contacted me and was interested in a collab! I had a look through their recipe lookbook and was pleasantly suprised to f ind out there was soooo much you can pair these apples with! Take a look for yourself , HERE . There is something for everyone with sweet and savoury dishes. I wanted to add something a little different to this dish so i have decided to use some acai berry powder which is a superfood and you can read more about that in my previous post if you would like. Anyway, lets get on with the recipe :))  What you will need -    Flour Milk Eggs Acai berry powder Pink Lady Apples Baking powder   For toppings - Lemon Honey Greek Yoghurt Bl