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#BEAUTY | Shampoo's to use if you suffer from itchy, dry, flaky scalp!

Helloo! A topic close to my heart today, as a sufferer first hand from dandruff and all the stuff that comes with it I decided to share the products I have used and have worked for me. Whether they worked mildly or a lot I'm going to share them with you and maybe they could work for you! E45 Shampoo E45 is a well known brand for skincare and with proven results at that. As a brand I trust I then decided to try out the shampoo range which is said to be gentle on a dry scalp as its perfume free and contains more scalp friendly ingredients. When you squeeze the product out it actually reminds me of conditioner, it looks smooth and shiny. Once you apply it it foams up just like a shampoo, it doesn't smell of anything and applies really well. For me it has worked pretty well, I'm pretty surprised by how my head is less itchy and also the dandruff is not so prominent! It retails around £5-£6 which is pretty hefty for one product but if it saves you pain then I gues

#BEAUTY | Mothers Day gift guide

 Mothers Day is upon us and its probably one of my favourite holidays to buy a gift, not only because my mum is one of the easiests people to buy for as we have similar tastes but just because i love seeing all the gift displays in the shops. I think if you are stuck for ideas then the best tip would be to go to a few shops and check out their displays for inspiration. One shop i would recommend is The Voewood (these pics are taken there). I may be a little bias as i do work there haha BUT as i always say i wouldnt recommend things if i truly didnt love them.  As soon as you walk in to the shop you are hit by so many relaxing and transporting smells, thats why i think even if you dont intend to buy anything (although you wont be able to resist ) its still nice to see all the colours and variety to be inspired :)  The Voewood has all the gift goals for the perfect Mothers day gift. From fancy chocolates with the likes of gingerbread, rhubarb and custard, champagne an

#MAKEUP | Mini L'Oreal haul - infalliable primer, foundation, lip paint

L'Oreal makeup seems to be everywhere at the moment and i reckon it has sublimonly made me buy some haha! Im not a newbie to L'Oreal, i have a few bits of their products from over the years as it really was one of the go to brands when i was a bit younger. Anyway i decided to pick up the infalliable foundation as im always one for trying out foundations to find the perfect one. I picked up the infallible primer as i actually didnt replace an old primer i had and then lastly i bought one of the lip paints shade 203 .  I only have good things to say about the primer!! It is honestly a life saver, i have been questioning myself on why i hadnt bought it sooner as it genuinly is amazing. Maybe even the best product i have bought so far this year! It is super super smoothing, and for someone like me who has big pores it is heaven sent. I glides on the face and leaves it feeling as if little fairies have come in the night and used the finest fairy dust!  One good thing al

#FITNESS | USN Nutrition range review

Since is quit the gym (because winter equals no motivation) i have been doing little workouts here and there at home but once spring is in full motion and the sun shows his face again the running will begin! USN sent me some bits to help me stay motivated and healthy during my workouts.  Im very much a milkshake gal so i find that the milkshakes benefit me more than anything. Keeping me full before or after a workout to help with snacking less. The website offers a wide range of items so i do recommend checking it out! here I havent tried the capsules as im not a big fan of tablets in general so i did some of my own research and read some reviews and a lot of people are saying they have used these without anything else and have lost small amounts of weight. Bring on summer 2017 for the summer bod!  

#BEAUTY | Skincare newbies - SBC GELS

  Im on a skincare journey right about now, so you are going to see a hella load of posts on me testing out different ranges ( i have a REN skincare post on the way!). Im a total makeup addict and love nothing more than creating makeup looks and using my skin as a canvas...BUT it gets me down when my pores are big or i start to break out and even have that odd dry patch where my foundation just sticks to it.  So im working on getting the smoothest base possible and also who just doesnt want clear skin anyway :) Also i would be so greatful if anyone reading this actually has had a successful skin story or can recommend any products that they swear by then let me know!  Im getting into a routine of applying a cream before i sleep and when i wake up, i previously used the ultra face cream from Kiehls, well i still use it from time to time. I guess you could say it is my go to cream if im not in the midst if trying out others. This vitamin ACE cream from