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BEAUTY | Pin up cosmetics

As i love Pin up cosmetics and all their products i have voted for them to win the Whole Foods Market Small Producer Grant!! I also urge all of you to vote too!! * VOTE HERE * In return for your vote Pin up cosmetics have given you a code to use for 50% off & free shipping!!!! Just use the code "votepinup"  at the checkout to get your 50% off & please please remember to vote. What does it mean if they win? So if they win the vote then the business can grow and improve and continue creating the vegan products that we all love! Another reason to vote is the fact that they will also donate 5% of the proceeds to Hamilton Family Center, an oraganisation in San Francisco that help homeless and low income families giving them the much needed support! So your vote will also help those in need! Pin up cosmetics need YOUR vote!! VOTE VOTE VOTE  You can view my product review on the Pin up Cosmetics i recieved HERE

BEAUTY | Naturals & pinks

My lipgloss is poppin, oh oh my lips so lucious ... thats the song youre gonna be singing if you buy these lipgloss' too!  I bought 2 lipgloss' from the brand BEAUTYUK which you can find in some drugstores & 2 lipliners from the brand COLLECTION. I kept the colours Kylie Jenner-esque or just to normal folk, natural lip colours! These brands are the total opposite to the likes of MAC and ABH in price as they are only about £2 each, not an investment at all just something to pop in your bag and use as and when you like! With the lip liners they are great to wear on their own just to line the lip and emphasis lip size but also to wear with the lipgloss'and other lipsticks, and of course they will go with any colours! I love the lipgloss' just for a subtle colour as the pigmentation isnt that bold but i wasnt intending on them being all out in you face when i bought them, just for hydration and shine!  All shades a

BEAUTY | My favourite tan

Lets face it there are a lot of tanning products and tanning methods out there and after trying a few methods i have found my absolute favourite self tanner! No streaks, no smell, no mess and certainly no orange! Sunkissed skin is always a GO GO GO in my skin care routine and now i want to share it with you guys! So the product is Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter  . I couldnt praise it enough, so its a tan that develops after 1 hour but as soon as you put it on it is a little tan but once it develops it turns into the perfect tan colour which looks like a natural tan!  As you can see from the photo it is like a shaving foam kind of texture which literally seeps into your skin and gives you a full coverge. It doesnt smell like cookies or those nasty tan smells at all! I was so impressed when i first bought this item of which i found the review on another blog with such high praise.  So i am very happy that i did some research and tried it out for myself! 

FASHION | Missguided S/S wishlist

Spring has sprung and summer is ever getting closer, the time of month when you have to transition your wardrobe from those long sleeved tops and trousers and bring out the crop tops and skirts! As there is so many items i have come across on Missguided that i love and want to wear this summer i thought i would create a wishlist!   Hope you enjoy my key pieces & just click on the photos for the link!