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#EVENT | Barry M cosmetics new nail care range!

i love getting invites to blogger events....yes, this is only my second one so far & i was so glad to go to another Barry M event. the girls are always so so friendly and create such a relaxed atmosphere, the venues are always so on point and the food spread...umm oh my *dribbles*. this event was in aid of the new S/S16 nail care range which will be launching in Januray! the event was held at the most SWANKY hotel ever, St Martins Lane hotel which is in Covent Garden. even the staff here were welcoming and friendly cos as usual i got a little bit lost! never the less i got to the event in one peice.  i mean just look at the hotel lobby! im not going to lie, i did pretend i was walking down the red carpet haha cringe. welcomed by the lovley Alex, she spoke to me a bit about the new range. which i personally think is so fab, nail care is taken for granted these days. me and some of the ladies at the event agreed that its mostly a time thing, we are too busy to care for


it's FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRI-YAAAY. BLACK FRIDAY! let the sales commence and may your shopping be fabulous with these awesome deals all photos and key words have direct links! yes, i do help make your shopping easier ;-) ______________________________________ xoxo   Up to 50% off at PRETTYLITTLETHING.COM 20% OFF EVERYTHING at ASOS USE CODE "CYBER" UP TO 60% OFF EVERYTHING AT LAMODA.CO.UK 20% OFF EVERYTHING AT MISSGUIDED.CO.UK  50% OFF EVERYTHING AT BOOHOO.COM 80% OFF AT  SKINNYDIPLONDON.COM OMFG!! THE DEALS HERE ARE EPIC!  UP TO 40% OFF AT HQHAIR.COM  UP TO 20% OFF AT LOOKFANTASTIC.COM USE CODE "LFBLACK"

BEAUTY | HUDA Beauty X Anastasia Beverly Hills

how cute is the HUDA beauty lash box? " lashes this fierce may cause serious drama!" i think that is such a cute lil touch to the lashes and a nice suprise. i never know what to expect when i buy something but i also get so giddy when it has little quotes on like this one! both packaging on the lashes and the ABH contour kit are winners for me. so sleek and glam. i also loved creating my HUDA eye selfie ^_^  this is my latest buys from , between this and they are my favourite places to buy american branded items and even just other beauty items. but they recently stocked huda beauty lashes and i had been dying to buy them! i was going to buy them from the huda site but the shipping costs gave me a chill haha so luckily i saw that cultbeauty stocked them. i got the style " Giselle " at the price of £12. i am pleased with them, they are not as full and thick as i thought but i think it is just the style or even if

#MAKEUP | Going back to the 50's!

wigs are a thing now, right? no no, they have always been a thing! for as long as i can remember i have loved wigs, i mean a different colour and style at no cost of ruining your own hair is genius! im a total 50's babe and love this style of hair which all the stars wore in hollywood in the good ol' 50's. it looks so glamourous but to actually obtain this style which is done through pin curls is a task and a half! for thos of us who have dead straight hair it is even more of a task! a whole can of mousse and hairspray later my pin curls are done, but they dont ever look as bouncy and glossy as this. so i decided to ditch the not so glamour side of pin curling and get a wig! this is in the style "bettie" from   i also went for a bit of a colour change and went black.  what do you guys think, do i suit black?? for full makeup details check out my insta @sarahlcx2 much love, Sarah XOXO

#REVIEW | Cocoa brown's TOUGH STUFF

i am a huuuuge huuuge fan of the brand Cocoa Brown when it comes to tanning, in fact maybe im their biggest fan ;) im not going to lie and say i have tried all their products, i wish i did try them all! but i have another one to add to the list right here in  this post. like anything its so easy to put something on but its getting it off that is the know how it is with those stubborn tan marks that seem to want to start renting your skin out for their own benefit!! i mean, i have gone around with 30% off a tan left which actually looks like dirt and felt so insecure . feeling like the antichrist is not really the one, and i always find on my neck it looks the worst! like i havent washed in weeks ....maybe i should stop the tan on my neck haha. ENTER , cocoa brown's "TOUGH STUFF" . it's basically an exfoliator/body scrub which will hlp rid you off those funky looking skid marks on your legs. before i even opened the packaging i kid you no

A Superdrug beauty gift guide!

  Yes, my gift guide is back! not only am i about to be a good influence on your bank balance but also on your shopping technique! i got all these gifts for under £17 ( )  and from the comfort of my own home. this year i have decided to help pamper all the girlies in my family. do some damage limitation on your christmas spending this year by creating little gift bags full of big suprises! this i think is also a great personal touch as you can tailor your own gifts to each individual person, sometimes i find the pre-made gifts are full of stuff which is pretty much useless! its easier this way to target the whole face and body rather than buying a gift set just for hands and feet, or just for the face. i mean whats a girl gonna do with 3 body lotions?!!? i love to use my stuff straight away and as they say, variety is the spice of life <3 the trick is not to get everything the same, as you can see i got 3 masks which are the same but then wit

LUSH loving & blogging antics

its been a few days since i last posted, for some reason though it feels like forever. i have had so many thoughts over the past couple of days about my blog and how i can imrpove it and make it better overall. although i see blogging as a mini project or even a hobby, i want it to be the best it can be and by that i mean for my readers. i want to be able to interact with my readers more and be able to post more quality content rather than rushing blog posts and the content not being as helpful or valuable to my readers. so please do bare with me if my posts are few and far between, but i think its time i layed the foundations for my blog. anywayyy, back to todays post! LUSH is one of my all time fave shops to visit - i say visit as sometimes i just like to pop in even if im not intending to buy anything. you walk in and you can see all the beautiful soaps, bath bombs and lotions all layed out. wishing i had unlimited money so i can treat myself and my gal pays

#REVIEW | Love me beauty box

Love me beauty box   beauty boxes are so trendy right now and i have always been a big fan of them! i've only tried a handful and i make it my aim to try them all! i've said it before but it is the truth, the best thing about them is it is like a little birthday or christmas gift. not knowing what is inside is all part of the thrill! the love me beauty box is a little bit different as it is personalised. there is questions you can answer about your skin, type, hair colour and type and what sort of items you prefer. so the items are really personalised for you and your body. as im a sucker for packaging i was so happy with this box. sleek and strudy, with a lovely fabric bag inside holding all the little bits, with "love me beauty" printed on. so im going to be using the fabric bag as a travel makeup holder!  Whats in the box? Dry conditioner     i think this is so vintage. i love this completely and im so glad that i found ou