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B R I G H T O N ! ♥

 G O O D  D A Y! I have been away for a few days because i went to BRIGHTON! I want to share some photos, which i dont think do this wondeful city any justice at all! I didnt have any clue what to expect when i went there but today (my last day there)i am so so sad to of left :( I envy all you beach dwellers who get to live by the beautiful sea and get stroll along the pier anytime you like. It was such a relaxing, chilled area where life was really lived and everyone was polite and happy. The variety of shops was just mind blowing, commercial shops, millions of food shops, quirky vintage shops down the lanes and plenty of cafes along the beach front. I cannot fault it at all and i am already planning a trip back! The weather did come out for me on 2 of the days but i would just love to see Brighton in all its glory in the heart of summer! I advise anyone who is looking for a costal get away/ short break to visit Brighton!! BEWARE - loads of phots- May be slow to load

GRWM -Sandy at Thunder Road xoxo

G O O D M O R R O W, I did intend to do a full get ready with me video of how i did my make up BUT i lost the first part *sad face*. I still have the lips, hair and clothes though lol and im sure we can work with that! The  video will be posted on my channel but i have some stillS of the look! I mean, i could hardly be a Sandy with my hair colour anyway so i think i ended up looking like Rita Hayworth?! I decided i could be Marty...but anywho i had the Grease style in mind with this outfit! My lipstick is MUA £1 lipstick (video on my YouTube about these lipsticks) The gloss is a vegan lipgloss from - Pin up Cosmetics ( my post about it here ) The skirt is from Forever 21 The shirt is from Primark Sliders from Public Desire                   The video will be live on my Youtube channel soon!  Keep your eyes open :-) XOXO

Time for tea! - We Are Tea

A L O H A,               In my books there is always time for tea, so i was super super delighted when                          {{ we are tea }} sent me their beautifully packaged tea travel pack .   Not only do the teabags come in this travel size case which is just so perfect for anyone like me who loves to take their tea with them when travelling without having fear of the teabags getting damaged! ( extra note: I'm going to Brighton next week so now i can transport my tea safely!!) But they are packed in such stylish packaging which makes the teabag feel so fresh. In this pack you get 12 teas. A mix of healthy teas for my ever changing moods, can it get any better?! YESSSS! One of the things that intruiged me about these teas was the ethical status. The teas are sourced directly from artisan producers all around the world and as part of the Ethical Tea Partnership they ensure that the prodcuers & workers are supported! I just love that