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Pet food the easy way!

I want to introduce you to my friends...of the furry kind! If you know me you know I adore animals to absolute pieces, part of the reason I volunteer at my local vets. So when I had the chance to work with I was delighted!! Look at Simba so content with his treats! If you have animals you know they take a lot of care and attention and loooove food, so for us ever busy humans what is the best way to keep our pooches' happy ?! Always having food in the house right? Yes I know you are saying "sometimes I forget, my mind is like a goldfish after a busy day at work" " its too heavy to carry on the bus" "there isn't a lot of variety in shops" "my pet has a special dietary requirement" Well you can stop those excuses right there because the solution has been found! Everything you need for your pet that you may be too busy or too weak...(im not judging you for being weak but have you ever heard

BEAUTY | Orange lips & long lashes

It has been a lovely rainy day which in turn means its a day to try out some make up looks. I bought some new make up products from the high st today and decided to put a look together. Concealer - Focus and Fix from makeup revolution shade fair Highlighter - MUA undress your skin  Blush - Makeup revolution in love Eye shadow - CREASE - make up revolution in delicious LID - MUA in copper  CORNER - MUA in Oyster Eyeliner - EYEKO skinny liquid liner  Lipstick - Make up revolution shade vice Lashes - LOTUS LASHES (see post here) NO.18 (get 15% off with the code LOVELOTUS)   The Makeup revolution and MUA products i used range from £1 to £3 XOXO

BEAUTY REVIEW | Lotus Lashes mink fur lashes

How do you glam up your everyday makeup? lipstick? a colour liner? or maybe a bright blush? For me i like to glam up my natural makeup looks with luxurious thick lashes. I love doing different makeup looks and going crazy when im at home but 90% of the time i just like to emphasis my natural features and Lotus lashes tick the perfectly square box. The lovley people at Lotus lash sent me two eyelashes to review and try out and i have worn them and been converted to a Lotus lash lover ♥♥ to join the fan girling queue for Lotus lash click this LINK to purchase your very own lashes by using this 15% discount code !!! ERM HELLO, i did just say 15%! Use the code - LOVELOTUS ♥♥♥ The other lashes i have which i will review are - HIGH VOLUME NO.18 The ones i am wearing in the photos are - MEDIUM VOLUME NO. 105 The lashes are so shiny and look so real they are 100% worth investing in as you can also wear them over 25 times!! *** CRUELTY FREE  ***   ^^^^^^^^^