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#OOTD | Shades of grey

Welcome to my live in clothes! Yes, i pretty much wear these over and over again - i have no shame when it comes to outfit repeating. The great tones are so subtle and i can easily add something of colour, like say this hat without it clashing. I love a slogan tee and this one from Primark has it all, it is long but i can also tuck it in when i want. It is comfy and above all it has a bit of LA dreaming ...the slogan reading LOS// ANG TO SAN // FRAN With the ever changing british weather *hugh eugh* its a nice tee to wear as if you just wear a sports bra underneath it is as cool as! But you can also layer it up with a vest underneath and a jumper on top.The joggers are some cheap ones i picked up also from Primark , super comfy and practical. This is pretty much my atire for dog walking. Is so calming being by the river, this is my fave spot. This hat is super cute right? Thanks to BKLYN i now own such a warm trendy hat! Even though it is coming

#REVIEW | Oil pulling with Oshun White

I have been oil pulling again, aren't i always?! this time is is with Oshun White ! Although you may think all oil pulling is the same, this brand has something a little different. Instead of plain oil or just minty flavour oil they also have other flavours! They include Wild cherry Crushed Lime   Peppermint Spearmint I have been using the wild cherry flavour & it is super tasty that i have to really persaude myself not to eat it :D haha! Would i be crazy to carry some sachets in my handbag, oil pulling on the go? haha *control yourself Sarah* If you subscribe to OSHUN white you lucky little thing, you will recieve a copper tongue cleaner. I just feel like my one is too beatiful to use haha how can i see the beauty in a tongue cleaner :D  Aside from all the good things about the product, the packaging i also LOVE. Seeing as im always forgetting things and my mind seems to be a big jumble im so happy with the fact the box comes with the days o

#FOOD | Matcha mint oreo milkshake recipe

Hello hello, this is going to be my first ever food post! eek, but it will be the best post because i am combining one of my ALL TIME favourite milkshak recipes with some healthy ingredients. So really it is a win - win situation for us! I have been super busy with interviews over the last couple of weeks and i have now started learning arabic properly! You know i always say on twitter i want to learn arabic or turkish or italian and i seem to learn the easiest sentences and then give up haha but i have knuckled down and really started to get a grasp on the arabic language! So i suppose you could say thats why i have kind of reduced my blog posts. Then came my obsession with oreo milkshakes...i slowly starting to wave goodbye to that summer body i was working so hard on getting.  It all began with a quick trip to skoops to grab a refreshing milkshake and then started becoming an obsession with me visting skoops, kaspas and desserts more than i visted my own home LOL, when it becam

#BEAUTY | Grapefruit coffee scrub with Bean Burst

Hello hello! How cool is it that we can use natural everyday ingredients like coffee to cleanse our skin? I got sent this wonderful smelling package from Bean Burst and im going to share with you my messy results haha  I picked the grapefrui t scented one, which to my suprise smelt just like grapefruit with a tad bit of orange and also smelt like chocolate. The coffee smell of course was there and strong but the blend of it all together smelt edible.  Why grapefruit? "Grapefruit Essential Oil stimulates the body and mind. Its antiseptic and antioxidant properties boost the immune system by fighting free radicals and protecting the body from toxins. This uplifting oil helps to alleviate stress and clear congested skin."  I used my scrub in the bath (the messy option) LOL but i did feel like it refreshed my skin after i used it and it also felt nice on my skin! I applied it to my damp hands and then i rubbed it all over my body and face and