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#BEAUTY | Kiehls - a one branded skincare routine

 Twitter for bloggers is the holy grail ...not only is it a great platform to promote the posts youve written , about the things you love ..or even hate BUT the oppurtunities to work with the brands you adore is there. Even just to communicate with a brand is enough for me, like the twitter chats that brands can host and this is how this post come about. Kiehl's held a little chat on twitter a while back now and it was great to get involved and in doing so i along with many other bloggers received a few products as a thank - you type thing. Now, i am so so grateful for that because i never take part in things like this just for freebies - i think as a blogger its such a privilege to get to know the brand in a more personal way and thats what those chats are great for! Anyway..i thought i would do a little challenge with these products as they are the basis for a normal skincare routine... cleanser, moisturiser and a facial oil and just use these 3 items for my skincare ro

#SKINCARE | IPL at home hair removal with SmoothSkin GOLD

If you are wanting  a permanent solution for unwanted body hair then you are in the right place. Im not really a know it all when it comes to beauty gadgets like this as im usually one for sticking with what i know when it comes to my body. I dont like to play around with it too much as it really is natures way BUT after using this IPL hair removal device for a few weeks now i may just slightly be changing my mind! If you are like me and only shave/wax in the summer, i know we are all hairy beasts in the winter haha then this could be your solution to not having to be worried about hairy legs in summer or winter! The Smooth Skin Gold device basically slows down the natural hair growth meaning that it takes longer to get hairier again! give me a woop woop for that! For summer it is just so ideal because all i want to do is fling on a pair of shorts or a frilly dress and not spend 10 minutes panicking that i havent shaved my legs or underarms! Ive done this before and dry sha

#HEALTH & FITNESS | Loosing weight the fun way with Nutribuddy

From the title i know that you all must be thinking fun and loosing weight cant go in the same sentence, but you are wrong. There are a lot of diets out there and products that can help you to lose weight and i want to show you today that a diet doesnt have to be such a negative thought or thing to do!  What may work for one wont work for another BUT just have a read of my journey so far and see if you could do it for yourself. So, i got sent this beautiful looking bundle from Nutribuddy. It is a 14 day bundle. Which you can buy online for £34.99, there is also the option to buy a 7 day starter kit for £24.99 (recommened for anyone who wants to try it out before commiting to a bigger bundle to see if it works for you) you can also buy a bigger bundle for £62.99 which is a 30 day one.  I myself can be quite sceptical of meal replacement shakes as i think eating 3 meals a day and keeping snacking to the minimum is enough to help you stay at the weight of your choice. But

#TRAVEL | A visit to Manchester

Let me update you on my recent visit to Manchester ! A suprising town with so much history. You know how it is when you plan to visit somehwhere, in the back of your mind you have an inkling of what you think it will be like...well i thought Manchester was going to be an unsociable, small, in - the - middle - of -no where kinda wrong i was! And that kids is why self- education is so important haha! If i never visited i would most probably still have those ignorant views (a scary thought). I found Manchester to be an open, happy, aesthetically beautiful place - as i liked to say, like London but a lot less populated. Which for a Londoner is always a welcoming thing! So be ready for a load of photos and a few tips on where to visit!  I stayed in the Salford Quays AC by Mariott hotel, which i couldnt recommend enough! I'll include some photos of that too :) Manchester Check list - Visit the Old Trafford stadium Go on a guided tour Visit some mu

#BEAUTY | How to get glowy, dewy skin with just one product!

Move over Manuka Doctor CC cream , i have found a new serum to take your place! Im only kidding, i love you both as much as each other. As one of Kourtney Kardashians favourite products, i knew the Gold Dust Firming Serum would also be a hit with me. I have been using the serum for over two weeks now and all i have for it is praise. I use to use my CC cream all the time as it has that bit more coverage and colour correction as it is tinted. Sometimes i do combine them both together if i do want more coverage but lately my skin has been a lot better due to me using less makeup products on my face so i can brave it and just wear the gold dust serum! Now it does say on the bottle " instantly younger looking photo ready skin" , i mean, if my skin looks any younger im going to look like a toddler. I have one of those baby faces, a curse & a blessing! But the tag line is correct, it really does create a dewy effect due to the shimmer in the serum. So the skin re

#HEALTH | Getting your vitamins with Natures Well (Halal)

Normally im not a big fan of vitamins, not just because normally they come in some kind of capsule form and i sometimes feel like the percentage of actually getting any of the goodness it very low to what you would get if you ate the right amount of veggies and fruit. That being said i  thought i would give these ones a go because not only are the chewable but also because i have had a few bouts of illness so close together, it wouldnt do me no harm to just try and see what comes of it. They are from Natures Well which is a brand that specialising in halal supplements. This means the product has no alcohol or pork in.  It is worth having a browse through the vitamin list to see if there are any that you may think could be suitable for your needs as they actually have a very wide range of them! I choose the Vitamin C tabs because i feel like i needed the nourishment and to restore that particular issue after being ill. Why these vitamins are for me rather than thos

#REVIEW | Lean Greens superfood drink

Health drinks are always at the very top of my list to try as there are always new flavours popping on to the market many carrying some helpful benefit. For this post we are going green! This drink is a green drink from Lean Greens involving foods like  Broccoli Green teea Spinich Chlorella Spirulina  The only problem with drinks of the green kind is the taste, they can famously taste like a cupful pond water! So i was hoping for the opposite with this drink. What does it do? It is basically a drink that will help you discover your natural enegery levels and cut out any uncomfortable bloating. A drink to make you feel alert and not have sugar crashes like you may get from those sweet snacks we tend to reach for. And hopefully put a stop to those cravings for all things sweet altogether . ...The taste? I really went in to this thinking it would be so yummy like those green shakes you see and want to devour, but it wasnt a taste i could handle