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#BEAUTY | MY favourite ever!

Yesss i am a lash addict...even if im not wearing them i am hoarding them. Here are a few of my faves, most of them will be wispy, invisi band lashes with the odd OTT lashes as i do like my lashes to look as real as possible. Huda Beauty : Scarlett lash - h'omg, these lashes are the ultimate out there lash. They really give me the old hollywood glamour feels and really make your eyes pop. I love these as a high end, luxury lash as they are very pricey!! But 100% worth it. Lash Unlimited : DBL range - i always loved the original range from this brand  the #7 and #9 are so so pretty so when they brought out the DBL range i was really blown away, the lashes are more thicker and have like a double layer and some of the styles remind me of the lilly ghalichi lashes! These lashes are great quality for the low price! Nouveau Lashes : Natural/ Style 3 - Being a member of the #LashGang makes me a little biased here! Well, i say that but im not re

#MAKEUP | Spring Makeup w/ TECHNIC

Technic is one brand i love because they are super affordable and pretty damn decent. The colours of the eyeshadows really scream spring to me, they are not your typical pastel spring colours but they are shimmery and natural. A few of the colours are actually pretty good to use as just highlighters!  I tried out the chunky liner which i hadnt used before and i am such a big fan of felt tip liners anyway as they are soooo soo easy to apply, even for people who struggle with eyeliner. So i loved the way it applied and the colour was really black and not faded at all. I dont think it lasts as long as other eyeliner products but i still think its great to have in your bag if it needs to be topped up :) The best thing about this bundle for me are the lipsticks! I love the neutral/spring-y tones but also the fact that they are a matte finish <3 You can find Technic cosmetics at : LAMODA Pretty Little Thing Love thy makeup  Fragrance Direct 

#BEAUTY | A real sunkissed look with a fake tan!

faking my tan until summer, because #britishproblems... we all know what the weather here is like right about now. Normally i stick to my usual tan ( review here ) and find it hard to venture away from that, cos if it works then why change? But that has all  changed as i dont see the harm in trying out different products, just in case they look and feel better :) I got this Norvell Tanning bundle to try out , a brand i had never heard of before this but i noticed on their website that they have a range for Strictly Come Dancing. The tans that the dancers have on there are always so flawless. I got a PRIME , TAN and ENHANCE product. So before i started my tan i used the exmitt, to exfoliate and get all the dead skin off. Probably my favourite part cos my skin always feels brand new after. The exmitt is simply a mitt with product on that you just massage across your body or the bits where you want to tan. It smelled really really nice! It wasnt as rough as using an acutal exfo

#MAKEUP| Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Cosmetics review

Good things come wrapped in gold packages, am i right? Im finding it so hard on where to start with this beauty. okay, let me introduce you to the products and then we can go from there. I honestly get so confuddled when im trying to talk about things i love and are excited about haha in reality im squeling like a little girl! From the Joan Collins (LEGEND) cosmetics range Timeless Beauty, i bring you Frame line liquid liner and the Class act mascara lash treatment gel of which i am going to review. Lash treatment gels are becoming more of a thing with a lot of lash brands now promoting them and seeing the results. I do use treatment gels..when i remember to put them on. I do always put it on before i apply my mascara though and as i roll the brush on the top of my lashes and then under my lashes it does lengthen my lashes and makes them more curled. I actually think this gift is a perfect product to give as a gift...well the whole range is because of how luxury it l

#MAKEUP | Nars sheer glow foundation review - shade punjab

 Foundation is probably the bane of my trying to find the corect shade is daunting.  The "will it match my colour?" "is it really full coverage?" "will it be cakey?" no matter how many reviews i read on foundations i still struggle with making that final decision. But you are here today because i made the decision, YAY me! NARS foundation is the one i have ALWAYS always always wanted to try out as the reviews always seemed amazing. It has aways been between MAC or NARS but i had used MAC before and i knew how thick it was and i couldnt wear that on my face for long periods. Soooo, i watched so many reviews of the NARS foundation just to get my right shade cos the photos of swatches seem to differ somewhat in person! Thanks to Shaaanxo i decided on the shade punjab and i made the plunge to buy it. Long story short, it was a good match and now we live happily ever after. The packaging is to die for, again you should know

#BEAUTY | Be fresh for Valentines day w/ Beverly Hills Formula

Valentines day is in a few days <3 so to help you stay fresh and minty for the special day (or in general) im sharing my go to products for that fresh breath. Although these are PR samples, i do buy these toothpastes once i run out but i am excited as i hadnt used the mouthwash before this. I think i like them because of the colours haha! They are so different from any other toothpastes on the market...simple things please simple minds huh? :) Wether you want that extra sparkle and use the perfect white gold toothpaste or your anti valentines and want to use the black shade, they are both perfect for fresh minty breath. The mouthwash is black which is very strange at first but then its kinda like you look forward to using it cos it is so strange :) What are your tips? Find the products in store or online at Superdrug  Link here xoxo

#FASHION | 2017 fashion trends!

Lets talk trends 2017... Ive decided to put together a few photos of items i have bought recently, not because they are the trend currently but i genuinely love these items :) Im one of those people who is lucky enough to not have to wear glasses but have always wished to be able too, and also braces :( now looking back on it though i think im blessed to not need them haha. So fake lense glasses are a girls best friend right now, i picked up these oversized "grandad" glasses from ASOS   VANS have always been a trend, well a low-key trend. Lets face it they are just a comfy, and i think everyone needs them in their collection as well as a pair of converse. I have always wanted these and never replaced my old pair of vans when they broke , such a sad day, but seeing as everyyyyywhere i look i see a pair of these i just HAD to finally buy them. I got my ones in store from SCHUH If there was a jumper that explained me to the T, this is the one. Along


guuuuuyyysss, how are you all?! I am still on a HUGE high from attending the Drake BMWT concert last night, which i think im going to talk about forever more...i mean i was actually sharing the same oxygen as him....fangirl moment! haha. The high continued today when i got these lashes in the post. yes, you heard right, i got them today and the post is also going up today because i want to wear them so bad that i needed to take the prettiest photographs so i can then touch the packaging :D  i have said before that i love looking at photographs of lashes just as much as i love to wear them! if you havent heard of LASH UNLIMITED then you should have as i have previously feautured them on my blog and socials! and also because they are one of my fave lash brands ever.. DUUHH! i love the styles #7 , #11 and #9 from their other lash range and now they have really gone a step further and bought out a range called doublelicious , DBL 3 is def my fave so far.