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My love affair with Mad Men

I haven't been doing much lately, apart from Netflix-and-chillin with Mad Men. It has recently been added to Netflix so I took the opportunity to start watching it. I know it came out in 2007-2008, and when it came out I was probably too busy with my school work so by the time I was going to start watching it it was already on its 4 th season, and lets be honest what kind of monster starts watching a series from the 4 th season?! The perfect excuse to binge watch had arisen and I took full advantage. Since the day I started approx. 2 weeks ago, I haven’t been the same since. See, I made this pact with my mum (as she started watching from the second episode and took a fancy to the series also) that I wouldn’t watch it without her. Our work patterns kind of conflict some days so when I have my day off it’s so hard for me to resist watching the next episode. I think I have withdrawal symptoms. I just want to know what is going on in these people’s lives, I think I know mor

#FASHION | On wednesdays we wear pink

I just had to insert that Mean Girls quote in somewhere, and seeing as this whole outfit is pink its very fitting. From my last two fashion posts I have repeated the same feeling of love towards floaty and frilly tops and of course that beautiful bow detailing, so I'm not going to bore you anymore with how much I love that trend (even though I think I just did o.O)   The trousers are actually tailored ankle grazer, so I'm taking it back to Victorian times, when it was only acceptable to show a little ankle! I actually really like ankle grazers for work and equally for play. Seeing as I love this trend with the tops at the moment, I often wondered what  I will be so into next...I do still love the oversized trend so maybe you'll see a whole lot of oversized tops soon? Oh, exciting news, I actually got these trousers while I was thrifting AND they was brand new, so originally they are from Dorothy Perkins and had an £18 price tag on them buuuut I go them

#OOTD | Bow detailing, flared sleeves

I'm still feeling the spring vibes with all the floaty, flared sleeves. Still more flared outfits to come >.< this trend also makes me feel super girly :) I kept with the blue tones and paired the Bershka top with some trousers I got in Peacocks; they have a beautiful belt detail which can be tied in to a bow  *heart eyes* For some reason I feel like this top also makes me feel a little bit like Joan Holloway from Mad Men, or maybe I'm jus wishing that haha, I have been watching the series on Netflix and maybe I'm just imagining in every outfit it has a bit of the Mad Men influence! I'm utterly obsessed with the fashion and the story of the show <3 Top - Bershka Trousers - Peacocks Vans - Schuh xoxo

#OOTD | Victorian ruffles

Ruffles, frills, flared sleeves, give me anything in that department and I will wear it.  Not only is it something you can dress up or down, it also has that throwback vintage vibe about it. Whether it be 50's, 60's or even 1800's haha! I got this shirt from H&M and every time I go in there I want to buy all the shirts that look similar ^_^ Culottes are also on that wavelength of either dressing them up for work wear or a social gathering or dress them down and wear them casually on a warm spring day. My Vans are just for added comfort, also because I don't own that many shoes as my feet are just so awkwarddddd. ughhh. Shirt - H&M (similar) Culottes - New Look Vans- Schuh Bag - The Voewood

#SKINCARE | REN clarimatte range review for oily/combi skin

 Hi guys! I got around to writing this post after I promised it a while back, but I had to be sure of what results I got before I recommended or said no to buying. I'm actually using my new laptop for the first time and the keyboard on this makes it so much easier :) happy Sarah haha. More news before I get on to this post, who has seen the blogger's essentials box from Dot Creates ?! I am the biggest stationary lover and everything in the box looks amazing.  Back to the REN post! I haven't previously used any REN products, so for me this was such a gamble. Tbh I hadn't really heard too much about REN but the 2 things I did like when I read more about them is 1. They are vegan friendly (aside from about 6 products) and 2. They do no test on animals. One of my things at the moment is buying makeup and skin care products that do not test on animals, so what a big plus that is. I bought this clarimatte pack as my skin tends to be oily/combo and it retails