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#BEAUTY | How to get a salon blow dry at home w/ PRO BLO

Hey guys, I thought I would write a segment on here about my experience with PRO BLO. I'm so sad because I done a whole speaking segment about my thoughts on the Pro Blo Curl Me set on my YouTube channel, yet when I went to edit it on Premiere Pro the audio was missing.....I honestly am so frustrated and if anybody can help or send me a link on how to sort it please do! So I'm going to link my vid here but also write a little bit about how it went. Hair Backstory -  Straight, Thick, Long-ish... I got sent the Curl Me set as PR sample which contains : X 6 CurlME Barrels. (x 2 Small, x 2 Medium x 2 Large) X 6 Hair Clips. X 1 Handle X 1 Travel Bag At first I was thinking that the 6 barrels wouldn't be enough but to my surprise they was, and I believe anymore wouldn't of fitted in my hair due to the size of them. Its all about the way you segment your hair and getting the correct amount in each section. It gave me the volume I wanted an

#FOOD + DRINK | The Piano Works bar/restaurant review (Farringdon)

On Friday I had the pleasure of being invited to enjoy a 3 course meal (feeling like Belle from Beauty and the Beast) and some cheeky cocktails at the Piano Works which is situated in Farringdon, London. I was also allowed to bring a guest with me so of course I bought along my mum :)  Before I go most places I like to do a little snooping and research to know what I'm letting myself in for aha so I pretty much picked out my cocktails and food out before hand and had the excitement of finding out whether they lived up to the expectations I created in my head! On arrival I was excited and intrigued to find out that the venue was actually downstairs in a type of basement area, meaning it was very cosy! It was dimly lit with low lighting with purple hues and tables with lamps which gave off all the chilled vibes. With the band area in the middle of the room, a bar at one end and tables dotted around. Listening to the singers play the piano and sing songs like Dr

#REVIEW | Nature's Sunshine mini haul

Hey guys! I got sent these vitamins/tablets & cream from Natures Sunshine a few weeks ago, let me tell you how I got on. I picked Papaya Mint Chewable tablets, High Potency Garlic tablets and Tei - Fu massage lotion. My favourite one out of them all was probably the Papaya Mint Chewable tablets! They were super easy to take, just pop them in your mouth and chew. They didn't have a yucky taste either, they smelt very strongly of mint, the chewing gum type of mint :)  They are good for the digestive system, and can also be used to freshen breath between meals! The high potency garlic are to help the immune system, as I have read before garlic is good to help keep colds away. As it has a special coating to contain the garlic smell it is a lot easier to take, and to me I love pure garlic anyway but I really couldn't smell a strong odour. I'm not 100% if they have worked, I mean I'm sure I will take them a lot more in the coming months as it will be win

#MAKEUP | Mad Men 60's makeup

I love this look I'm going to be recreating it on my YouTube, yesssss! I have now started youtube :) for makeup tutorials subscribe to my channel <3 these photos are poor quality as they was taken from my iPhone!