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#TRAVEL| ROME - the city of love & dreams? travel experience

This post is 4 months overdue...please please don't judge me lol yes, i went to Rome 4 months ago, no i didnt have time to compile all my thoughts about Rome and Italy until i got back....and 4 months after.  Recently i have begun to reflect upon my time in Rome and thought it is the best time to write about it and to let the blogging community know how my experience was. As i am now more than ever involved in the blogging community and really appreciate the posts from other bloggers on things like this i decided now is the time to write this up! (excuse my dodgey memory) ..lets commence Upon arrival in the city of Roma (after a short 2 and a half hour flight) me and my mother was very excited yet also nervous for what this country had to offer. Maybe i get this from my mum, the complete love for all things italian. Cos of this i think our expections were so high and we was expecting the best of the best. The weather was hot and humid but not overly hot where you could

August beauty favourites

I have lots of faves from this change there!! From products to beauty trends im going to let you all in on what has captured my heart ♥   Regarding makeup this month i have 2 favourites, one is the Loreal lipstick in the shade Eva's nude. This lipstick has such a sheen to it it doesnt just look great but also feels great, it is so soft on my lips they feel moisturised the whole time i have it on and i dont feel like i have to keep re-applying my lippy! Zoeva's cream liner is my other makeup fave this month as it is so creamy and such a dark jet black it creates the most beautiful wing!  Hi again to the NUXE dry oil! You know by now why this is my fave, it oils the whole body and hair!  I did speak about this beautyworks miracle spray in my post about the lookfantastic beautybox, it did come with the box but as i love this and i really really think it works im going to carry on using it. It creates the smoothest hair and smells so fresh and cle

Vintage scarf & eyewear giveaway! UK ONLY

Hi guys! I'm hosting my first EVER give away (UK only), jut something small to see what response i get :) even though i am giving away these vintage items i do really really love them! If you know me you know i  love all things vintage and think everyone should have something a little vintage in their wardrobe . So this is just me sharing the vintage love ♥ Here is what you can win Vintage circle glasses are so on trend right now also! &  a beautiful detailed scarf with a leopard on ( such royal colours right?!) a Rafflecopter giveaway GOOD LUCK Much love, Sarah xoxo 

August bank holiday treats from PUBLIC DESIRE!

I love bank holiday treats!!  Start the weekend right by taking full advantage of 10% off  everything @ !!  ( valid from 28/08/15 - 31/08/15 ) Use code {{ OMG10 }}

MAKEUP | brand haul

I really had no idea for a title on this one, so i've gone with brand haul as i got these bits from which sells sub brands, so somehow along the line i guess it fitted. The bits i purchased where quite random, i always wanted to by the ABH contour kit so im so happy i finally have my hands on it, but with the Zoeva items it was sort of a random pick. I knew i wanted a decent brush for my eyeshadow and also an eyeliner, then i saw the zoeva blush and it looked so pretty and had pretty good reviews! I also bought a beauty blender but a smaller version and it is BeautyBay's own brand and the BB cream came free!   I am loving this kit right now!! The creams are so blendable and creamy and one thing i  came across is it feels like you have no makeup on if though you do, like with other concealers  and what not that you can use to contour with it feels so cakey and packed on your face, where this makes your skin feel breathable ...Worth the money ♥  (

BEAUTYCROWD Absolute fabulashes

Something i am always delighted about is when i come across a pair of lashes that are comfortable and natural looking! So when i got to review these Absolute fabulashes from i was a little aprehensive as to what i might recieve. It has nothing to do with brand, as even some well known brands have products that are not all that, i just tend to have a little anxiety with lashes as i have come across many many uncomfortable pairs! Just know you have complete faith in my review in being honest! I was to my shock so suprised by these lashes, the best kind of suprise! They have human hair so they don't look or feel like plastic at all and my favourite part of them....the invisiband!! If i could compare them to any other eyelashes, it would be the Ardell Demi Wispies which have the invisible band  also (& my fave lashes ever!!!)   The AEL25 pair are natural looking and created  a great amount of thickness which is what i always 

TOPSHOP AW15 gigi hadid chiq

The IT girl. Lets face it, i love her, you love her, Joe Jonas loves her and im pretty sure Cody Simpson STILL loves her. Shop her look right here at TOPSHOP and be just as chill as her ♥_♥

BEAUTY | Tanning mistake!

As i sit here about to write this review all that is going through my mind is the following A. My mum is going to literally kill  me cos i have just stained her white bath towel 2. My boyfriend will probably get a fright later  and think i have had a nasty  accident in my WHITE!! white, why white Sarah? Pj bottoms and D. Why did i tan before i did my henna * big white patch alert* So as you can probably tell from the title and i hope my thoughts ( c'mon!! i stopped pooing my pants a while back now ....) this post is about all things tanning! I don't need to tell you that we seem to have lost summer cos i think we are all pretty much aware and pretty much annoyed that the sun decided to skip us this year and leaving us pale bodied females walking around.  I only really have one holy grail product which is of course the Marissa Carter cocoa brown 1 hour tan mousse. I swear by this product ladies!! So when i run out, i was at the shop looking for my ba