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4 makeup brushes you NEED

No matter how big my brush collection i seem to find myself always reaching for only a select few of my brushes. After realising this i considered that they MUST be the makeup brushes every gal needs for her collection! So here are 4 makeup brushes that i know you need. It isnt just to do with the type of brush but also the brand, i have tried so many brushes and to be fair its a lot to do with the quality of the bristles.  FOUNDATION BRUSH ~ real techniques is a brand i have begun to love, i cant comment on their whole collection as i havent tried them all...yet..their base brushes are brill though. I use the big gold brush in the photo to blend out my foundation and also my cream contour. I find it helps to blend out all the product easily and doesnt absorb it all on the brush. ( buy here ) BLUSHER BRUSH ~ i love the shape of this pink brush, it is perfect for the apples of my cheeks. i use it to apply my blusher and also my bronzer and i find that it swee

Feminine Scents

Between now and new years im not so sure what to do with myself expect to binge watch "American horror story" and spray myself in tons of perfume! Christmas was over in a flash and its time to start planning for the new year. Im super excited about the new year as i have a whole get fit and eat right campaign going on wih myself personally and also some collaborations to help you guys too! There is no excuse now haha. Apart from loving the smell of a perfume, i am also a huuuuge huge bottle lover/hoarder. I love the shape and colour of certain bottles and even the boxes they come in. These were the lovely perfumes i got for christmas and i must say, these people know me well! I literally LOVE all these smells. Im not much of a flowery, sweet smelling lover but more of a deeper smelling woody smell. That makes no sense >_< all i mean is i dont like really sweet or overpowering smells. These 4 are perfect for me, i think SI and Victoria Beckham (its

#OOTD | Bomber jackets & high waisted jeans

    Practical yet stylish?... i wouldnt say so much stylish but as far as jackets go, this is the most stylish one ive had in the winter months. In the colder months im more of a comfort and warmth over style and getting ill! So here i am, trying my best trying to mix the two together. I think the trainers keep it really casual and stress comfort to the max. They are running trainers so they are incredibly light and soft on my feet. I think the high waisted jeans and the high neck are the things that keep it fashion forward. ~ my first pair of high waisted jeans for like ever! ~  Normally a long coat girl, i suprised myself when i bought this bomber, thinking i would be cold! The key is just to layer to keep yourself warm and that way you can wear a beautiful jacket. I love the red contrast on the inside and the red fur on the hood cos it injects some colour to those bland blacks, browns and khaki coat colours. what is your favourite style of coat? Bomb

BEAUTY | Prime time - 2 primers to stick with!

There are waaay too many primers on the market, when did it suddenly blow up with primers? like just when the whole contour world blew up and everyone was launching contour kits. I'm not a real big user of primers, just use a little on a night out.  I have always used the W7 Prime magic primer as it is a bargain at around £4. Its so smoothing and applies really well, lasts allll day or night as the case may be and leaves the makeup fully on your face. The only thing i find about it is it can leave my problem areas of my face a bit dry. I think if i invest in a fix plus type of prodcut, it may combat that problem!  (seen on the left side of my hand) The other primer i have included is the little arbonne primer. I got sent some samples of this and recently used it, and i actually prefer it to the W7 one. It has a more skin tone to it and is a hella lot more hydrating, it still has the smooth feel about it  but instead of being so drying its a bit more movable and o

NYE dresses w/ NAZZ collection

Hopefully you have seen my last NYE post, featuring a gorgeous crochet dress from boohoo. Cos here is another NYE dress inspiration all from NAZZ collection post for you! The boohoo dress was beautiful and your typical party/evening dress, where as these are showstopers!!They are dripping in G L A M , i have choosen all long maxi dresses for this post, so if you are are not a usual spotlight stealer you will be in one of these!  I personally cannot get over number 3 !! It is just beautiful beyond words. As you can see i am loving the blue colour for the NY, it scream royal and class. I have my own dress from Nazz collection ( number 1 but in white) and the quality is absolutley amazing. The fit is perfect and the designs are just so classic. Would you wear any dresses from this collection?

#OOTN | The perfect NYE dress!

WARNING ; this dress contains a lot of sass! As we all know (well i hope we all do, if not where have you been hiding!) that NYE is just around the corner and if anything could be more stressful, apart from the tanning prep, its what you are going to wear. I was over the moon to team up with boohoo on this one as i LOVE their whole entire website wardrobe and to bring you some NYE outfit inspiration  is more than perfect! I think this dress is perfect, from its contrast colours, to the crochet detailing and the panelling.  It is avalible in black but the LBD is a no no for me when it comes to a NYE dress, i wore one last year and i felt soooo under dressed! So i have picked an outfit that has some colour injection and is, as it goes a really festive colour! I have kept my makeup minimal but i think you could totes get away with a red lip and sparkly eyeliner.  I actually love this style of dress cos it makes me super glam, just like Elizabeth Taylor or Ava Gardn

#FITNESS | How to start your fitness journey & keep it up!

im branching out into the world of fitness!! wish me luck 0:) how does one start a fitness journey? i dont think there is any wrong or right way to go about how to start really looking after your body - and i dont just mean from the outside. for a long time now i have wanted to really get into the whole scene of working out and eating healthy, but then do you know what happens? life. yes life takes over. i know for many of us, including me this is just an excuse - and thats where it all lies, it has to come from within. the motivation has to always start from YOU. no one says to you "today is the day, you should get a hold of your health and start working out today!"  i can be totally motivated one month and get really stuck into a routine of going running or doing those big booty squats but then it all goes out the window! i use the excuses, im tired, i have work tomorrow, its too cold ( i mean the winters here seem to be getting colder...or is that just me?) dont

#OOTD | Kingin' it

here is me just kingin' it in this tee from the new house of sàça collection , although this is from their mens collection and technically i am not a king but a queen hehe i can wear it with pride, i mean, doesnt kylie jenner refer to herself as ' king kylie '? in the world of instagram brands this collection has me most excited as im such a huge fan of a slogan tee and dont think you can ever have enough. slouching about in a tee has to be one of my fave things to do, but you can also really dress them up. i have seen so many bloggers wearing a slogan tee and then having something fancy going on down below....heels and a slogan tee is enough for me! find out more about the collection here what do you think of this tee, would you wear it? XOXO

Luxemme share the love - £15 FREE gift voucher

Lets share the love this christmas! are giving back this christmas and it is your perfect chance to reap the rewards! You will recieve 8 £15 vouchers, which you can be greedy (i see you ) and keep them all for yourself mwahaha, or you can give them as gifts to your friends and family.  I think this is such a lovely idea to give back to their loyal cusotmers which in turn means i can give something back to my loyal readers!  Sometimes it is so difficult buying a gift for someone and can really stress you out, so i like to think this takes away all the stress of shopping for a present, as you dont have to spend a penny yourself and you get to gift someone with a voucher! They can shop at luxemme until their heart is content & buy exactly what they love. Its so great if you have a lot of friends or family, you can all shop for your christmas and new year outfits here for half the price! They have some beautiful dresses for all occassions, check them out her

#BEAUTY | Manuka Doctor facial peel

skincare is an essential one for me cos my face is so dirty haha well, thats the basis of it. i dont mean dirty as in a have marks all over my face, but its the hidden dirt! makeup, oil and even outdoor pollution can cause so much dirt  to stick to your pores. if you are like me, you will spend countless hours in the mirror trying to squeeze out the dirt *yuck* TMI ! sorry guys!  i wouldnt recommend it as it can cause scaring! the next best thing to do it to find a facial mask/peel that suits your skin type and to use it once or twice a week. im so so glad that i got to work with Manuka Doctor and came across this facial peel, cos its pretty much a skin saver. i  have such trouble with my nose pores and after using this a couple of times have realised that it has helped to pull some of the dirt out of my pores ! just what i needed. as you can see it includes manuka honey and also bee venom , id like to add that no bees were harmed during the process! i have used

HQhair #KISSMAS secret santa competition

Christmas is the time of year i look forward to the most, not just because of the food *angel emoji* or the gift giving BUT the fact that we have some of the best festive parties to attend! not only meaning we get to show off our new fashion purchases and sparkle like a disco ball but we get to use all our beauty goodies! the best bit about going out is the getting ready right? the long hours of conditioning our hair in preperation, the art of scultping our faces and trying out that new glittery liner.  so luckily enough for you guys i have teamed up with who have gone all out christmas-ey and are holding a #KISSMAS secret santa campaign! SO what does this mean??!!! it means you can win a whole bunch of beauty goodies just before christmas to help with YOU looking gorgeous! If you want to know a little more about the campaign you can read HQhair  explaining it ♥ (you can also enter via the link^) To be in a chance of winning all you have to do is TAG a fri