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#BEAUTY | My Makeup Wishlist

The season of giving has just gone but with a birthday on the horizon, I'm hoping my boyfriend or mum reads this so they know exactly what to get me ! ahaha how cheeky of me ;) in all realness the wanting of makeup never ever stops, its like a heartbeat. I hope I'm not alone in wanting to try out these products p.s. don't forget to check out my new youtube video on this makeup look (link on homepage)

#SKINCARE | Crabtree & Evelyn Body Duo's - White Cardamom / Cocoon & Pomegranate

If you are looking for a gift that gives comfort and indulgence for your body, here it is. I feel like this cream is so nourishing it penetrates all layers of my skin. As much as I wanted to re- gift this because it is so beautiful, I had to try it out for my blog so I can tell you whether to buy it or not! The smell is something I cannot describe, it is so spicy and long lasting I love it. Here is a quote from their website describing the smell The scent is an unexpected delicate combination of sweet iced vanilla, mid-winter mimosa, and mulled spice essences of cardamom. I could tell that the scrub had sugar in it because of the texture of the grains, and that is something I really like as it is a natural ingredient not like the plastic beads that harm the environment. It really is a luxurious scrub, it feels so silky smooth when you rub it on and gets rid of dead skin and dirt :) the cream is also smooth on application, they are a true dream duo.  Th