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#HEALTH | Why eat crickets? Lets talk superfoods w/ CROBAR

Admittedly eating crickets isnt something common unless you are on a game show ....or are a lizard. If you are a lizard and are somehow reading this then i guess you already know the benefits.....but for those of the less scaley kind i will explain! As you may know from my previous posts and most probably my twitter :') i attended the blogger hangout LFW event and that is where i discovered CROBAR. Aside from the crickets which catch your attention i also think the packaging has been well thought out. It is really pleasing and fresh and the actual packet seems to keep the bar really fresh inside. So lets talk a little more about crickets are why you should eat them. The bars - ✓ Protein Packed ✓ Gluten-Free ✓ Soy-Free ✓ Paleo-Friendly ✓ Dairy-Free ✓ No added sugar    You would think with no sugar it might taste like a wet sock but you are wrong, the taste actually reminds me of dark chocolate and dried fruit with a similar texture to christmas

#OOTD | Tuxedo dress - casual & classy

 Hello!! It was my birthday on the 25th, hence the balloons and banners!  It was also my blogs 1st birthday, awww, happy birthday little one!  ANYWAY...... I got this lovely tuxedo dress from .  With the intention of wearing it to LFW but that all went to pot because i couldnt get time off of work. I couldnt just stand by whilst it was hanging over my chair waiting to be worn any longer so i have still photographed the dress but its an inside job! I wish i could of shot it in the daylight or at an event but here is the next best thing!  Let me tell you why i love the dress first! It is either super casual and i think flower child like or super classy. I have shown you how i think that is in my photos. Lets talk through it...  Here is the look i consider classy, the look that you can dress up and wear out to a bar or meal. The dress is a blush colour which is a light pink/creamy colour. Which i think is pretty refreshing, i

#REVIEW | Blogger Hangout LFW event product reviews

Further to my latest blog post about the Blogger Hangout LFW event here are my reviews of some of my favourite products ( there are just too many!!) CO-YO...yo yo hey co-yo. Im now a co-yo fangirl & not just because the guy on the stall was a charmer hehe im a big coconut lover and in yoghurt form it is a double win. The people at co-yo obviously wanted to make it a triple win and did - plenty of flavours. The flavours include vanilla, chocolate, mange, cherry and more. The yoghurt is dairy free and vegan- so all my dairy free friends you can come and enjoy it too :) it was so refreshing and tasty and you can eat it guilt free! No pesky sugars but all the taste, mmmmm. Vanilla and chocolate was my fave. ♥   Lets talk cocktails! The sex and the city kind of cocktail are my fave, the more elaborate and fruity the more i love. I have evolved as a woman in genral and swapped the vodka and coke for the more healthy and sophisticated (if i do say so myself hehe

#EVENT | Blogger Hangout LFW event

 hello hello.  First off i want to apologise for the quality of my photos, i had to use my iphone 6 in a really crammed/ dark area... bloggers worst nightmare i know ! I actually broke my digital camera trying to take a non sexy selfie haha after only like 4 weeks of owning it!! i know right!!? Anyway back on topic, a few days ago i attended the Bloggers Hangout LFW event and i did squeal when i got the invite :) im a huge huge fan of the Bloggers Hangout. The event was brilliant, full of new and amazing brands, some i have heard of and some i am glad to of discovered. Music pumping and the sound of bloggers networking! My kinda partaaay ;) im so happy i got to give out my business cards too! I had fears i would have 100 branded business cards with no home to go to and that would be the ultimate failure ha but i gave out more than i thought so as a top blogging tip i really really advise you to create your own, it is so much easier than writing your name and email on a

#OOTD | Pastel party

  The final installment of my high neck dresses and hats! I gotta say this is probably my favourite. I think the pastel purple and the cream hat really work well together, more than i ever expected anyway! I know a few of you may think the dress is prety shapeless or maybe even looks like a sack on me but i actually really dig this look. Some days i really cant be bothered with tight fitting clothes or even jeans for that matter...this is super warm, super comfy and i think stylish. I paired it with my first ever pair of brogues hehe. This dress i actually picked up from ASOS HQ for LFW!  BTW. the brogues are wide fit, i literalllllly have the most awkward feet to fit shoes so these are comfy for any wide feeted ladies out there! Im looking to visit Amsterdam in the next few months and feel like this outfit is perfect for the city there <3 I was planning to wear this to LFW but i didnt end up going because of work commitments - BOOO *thumbs down* but i want

#OOTD | ASOS navy

Episode deux of my high neck dresses & hats. This little navy number is my new LBD, im not getting out of it haha i have been wearing it for days and dont ever want to put it in the wash :'( it is soooooo comfy!! I love the long sleeves which have the cutest roll up detail on them. I mean its just the perfect dress for everything, i wear joggers with it, jeans and of course bare legged and with ankle boots! It is just the perfect dress to combine with everything. <3 One of my best purchases this year! It is from which i have directly linked, here . The hat is from a charity shop, vintage darling!  XOXO

#OOTD | Re-living the decades

You may recognise the following photos from a previous #ootd post that i did but im currently re-living the outfits so i can take part in the most amazing competition i have come across so far. If you are like me and LOVE the decades fashion gone by then maybe you ought to enter the competition too! Oxfam are holding a vintage outfit competition and you can be in the chance of becoming the face of Oxfam's online shop for one of the decades, as you can see i picked the 70's :) i didnt just pick it because of how influential the fashion is but because i feel that it is timeless! Last year the 70's trend came back with a spring in  its step and had everyone walking around in flares and tassels! Proves just how versatile it is, even to this day my must have wardrobe item is a good old turtle neck!  Most items are now in the sale! Directly linked vvv Yellow dress - Missguided Wrap heels - Missguided Hat - Newlook Flares - BOOHOO (only £5 now !

#OOTD | NY Sailor

As part of a 3 day high neck and hats extravaganza, cos admittedly i spend most my days in high necks here is the first installment. Of course i named is NY sailor due to the stripy nature of the dress and the NY cap! The dress is of a stretchy material and quite floaty which i love cos its so perfect for lounging in. I also can picture myself wearing this dress in summer cos its not that thick a material that it will be too hot to wear. I adore stripes and the dress is just a great addition to my wardrobe. It is from Boutique of Molly . The site has some pretty trendy dresses on there for decent prices so girls do check them out! I will link my dress , HERE . xoxo