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What's in my bag ?!

Im pretty much the most curious person you may ever have the pleasure of meeting ;) haha im kidding, but i am very nosey. Don't expect me not to ask you questions one after each other at full speed. So in aid of me being nosey i thought i would share my bag and what is in it! I love reading these kinda posts myself.

My bag itself is from LYDC handbags 

*unzips bag*
*junk falls out* 

Im pretty proud of myself tbf as i have the essentials and not much junk haha
being a london gal i cant go anyhere withought my trusty oyster, but i had to jazz it up a bit and buy it a lil orange wallet to go in ♥

i have my skull purse which really needs to be updated, i got it when the whole world was crazy over skulls and everyone had the mcqueen skull scarf :')

my phone should be in the photo but i was using it to take the photo haha so thats why my headphones look pretty lonely. Cant go on public transport without my headphones, listening to some jeremy kyle stories on the bus is not my idea of fun lol

when you have lip products a mirror is needed and i love my pin up one which is actually from the poundshop. carmex i used to love but i dont really think it is my go to lip saver anymore! My lips tend to still be dry after i apply it.
I have to have my lip pencil and a nude coloured lipstick in my bag just in case i need to freshen up my make up ♥ #girlproblems

I do tend to walk a lot so thats why the spray is there :')

As a budding cinema goer i have a load of tickets in my bag, but here is m little secret. The 2 for £12 tickets are a life saver. If they didnt have these kinda deals i would be limited to cinema once a month and not a few times a week. I mean without these bad boys the till totals up to £40!!! I mean , come on, thats not right is it. i remember when a cinema ticket was £5 a go ha

whats in your bag? do tell!



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