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#BEMETIME | Healthy skin and breakfast - week 2

Hi guys! We are on week 2. Im really loving this campaign as i love the week to week update aspect of it. I hope you have been eating your breakfasts and keeping your skin toned and protected from the freeeezing cold! It has been snowing!! YUCK. Im not one for snow now that im in my 20's, rewind a few years and i loved nothing more, all it brings me now is the wishing that i dont have to leave my house on that day lol *grinch* 

 ***DONT forget to enter the competition to win a bundle for yourself!!** 

lets get right into what i have recieved for week 2 from beautyexpert and mornflake ...

 Mornflake have been really giving my breakfasts something to boast about. Sticking with the granola, this week i have plum and almonds rather than thw whole nutty combo and i do love this a whole lot more! It is much more tastier to me as im not the biggest nut lover. Oatbran im shamed to say i had never had before this :O it is similar to porridge but healthier i guess. It did feel like it gave me an energy boost and  you know i think these types of breakfasts are great for dinner too! When you have that niggling for something to eat but you cant put your finger on what you want, im more inclined to grab a bowl and have some cereal! Who else does that??!!

I have took pictures of the packages and the actual creams themeselves just so you can see the consistancy, i think consistancy is a huge key and sometimes the reason why i dont buy some products. I like a thick hand cream for my hands, think cream for my face unless its winter and im going outside and it even differs from morn to night. I like a light serum in the morning and for under my makeup but i dont mind something thicker at night to really get in to my skin whilst i sleep! PHEW, the cream life is a hard one. 

Hand chemistry is now one of my fave skin care brands, i have another post of which i have the foot version of this cream and it was amazing. At the time i recieved it i literally had the worst cracked heels man had ever seen, im talking on par with elephants! 
I used the cream religiously and my foot is now smooth again, the only thing i didnt like too much about it was the smell - it was pretty minty. On the other hand ;) this cream smells absolutley divine, it reminds me of hair conditioner and has a berry smell to it. It is a great thickness but it doesnt leave your hands greasy or feeling creamed up. I have been using it for 3 days now and my hands are becoming so smooth. BUY now as it is on offer for £14, it actually retails in boots for £20. - Hand Chemistry 

Complex 27 R sounds like something from star wars. I do love trying brands i have never heard of before, its like unwrapping a present. This one is a serum so its very thin *TICK* loving that fact! Its to apply on the face and neck area before you go to bed but i also like to put it on in the morning. To get the best results it advises usage for two months. Im very far from that mark at the moment but as of so far im loving the feel of it on my skin and look forward to continue using it. Let me know if you have used it!! 

Decleor - the white one is an under eye brightener, its really soft on the eyes and it does actually brighten up the whole area. the yellow bottle is aroma night, which you put on your face before sleep. it has a really distinct aroma thearpy type smell which is really relaxing.

I'm loving week 2, the hand cream has to be my fave!

wonder whats in store for week 3!




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