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#BEAUTY | Eylure lash haul!

A whole lotta lashes going on here, right!? Well i was actually lucky enough to win these lashes from eylure via twitter with eylure and look fantastic. Excited much...couldnt contain myself cos i am suge a huge fan of false lashes and especially this brand! So lets talk all things lashes... i have tried 80% of these so far :)

I just want to say make sure you keep an eye out of my instagram because im goingto be using these in some makeup looks so you get to see how they look! ;)
No 212 - Dramatic ..of course these bad boys are the most dramatic of the bunch - adding lots of length and drama to the eyes. Not for everyday wear.. unless your just that FABulous i guess!

No 143 - Exaggerate .. these have the dark band on them so it adds the effect of eyeliner and lines your eyes a bit more. Perfect length lashes.
Enchanted - Beloved... OMG. these are so dainty and cute. Apart from the packaging which looks so fairy like the lashes are beautiful. My FAVE! They add the right amount of length and fullness to the lashes without over doing it. They have the invisband so they look au natural ;)

No.27 - So these naturals are also one of my faves as i love the understated look! I wear these a lot actually and they may look so wipsy and pointless but honestly they actually are great. Again they have the invsiband so they look as natural as possible, Love them.

No. 110 - Definition ... i havent tried these ones yet as im not so sure on the style but i reckon i might be suprised on how they look.

No 111 - 3 Dimensional.. these are basically two lashes stuck together, but withon lash a bit lower down on the other so it creates a 3D lash. A brilliant idea and which you can create with your own lashes..DIY lash. I love how these look on, really make your eyes pop.

No. 150 - Texture. & volume pack...again i havent tried these ones so i cant comment yet!

So this is an eyelash curler, but not the typical type that your squeeze your lashes in this one is a heated curler.
You turn it on for 20 secs and wait for it to heat up and then you hold it on your lashes to curl i did see the slightest difference when i used it but i wouldnt say it is as effective as the normal curlers. Im also not one for sitting and holding and waiting when it comes to make up. I like to just get on with it, if youre the same then this tool isnt for you.

These are basically a big headed tweezer to apply the lashes, and in this case i dont think something should be changed unless it isnt working, for example i use my normal tweezers to apply the lashes and i find it soooo much easier that way. They are nimble and not so stiff to open and close. I found with these they are so stiff to open and close and its like you have to press really hard to get the lash oout and then the lash just falls off everywhere lol I just find the head to big and bulky, not really for me!



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