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#ADVICE | 4 things to remember when you feel like giving up...

I dont really like getting too personal on my blog, just because. But this time around i think my rambling may be helpful to a few people, well i hope anyway. I know it is human nature to sink into negative feelings about life, especially us 20-somethings who are trying to carve out our perfect career, live life in the moment and save for our future all at the same time. It gets so overwhelming.
Recently the feelings i have to just give up altogether are becoming a bit too frequent. Giving up is in no way a cowards way out, it takes a lot of strength to give up. I guess i should break it down a bit and let you into why i feel like giving up?

I am at that stage in my life where i want my own house, my own car and my own career. I want all the things that go hand in hand with independance, so why havent i got it?
All these things take time and of course money. To get a decent amount of money you need a decent job, no brainer right? So how comes i dont have a decent job? Why am i still working part time in the retail sector, a sector that i hate so much. This is not a post about how being negative wont get you a job or how if you dont go out there and put yourself out there things dont happen for you. Because all that is common knowledge to me, i am not a negative person, i grab every oppurtunity i get with both hands, tightly, yet it just gets to a point where you cant take it anymore. 
I apply to a dozen jobs if not more a day, this in itself is so tiring. Being in my early 20's its so hard to know what i want to do as a career, i know a lot of us at this age get that feeling. Just because it is some what normal doesnt mean it makes it any easier to deal with. When i started taking blogging a lot more seriously and realised it can be a career, i seriously considered the idea. All bloggers work extremly hard, and i know this first hand.
The endless research and effort put into just ONE blog post is worthy of praise. I decided to look for a role as a blogger/social media assistant/digital marketing intern all in the industry that i love and fashion! Great, i thought to myself, i have narrowed down another area that i could potentially take my career. 
So now i have those to consider, working with animals and/or an admin based job. These are the areas i have stuck to because they are my PASSIONS and i also have first hand experience in all three of them. Does that mean i will get a job in those areas though? 

If i dont have experience in an area that i am passionate about i will educate myself, i volunteered at a vet surgery just so i could be around animals and learn more about the envirnoment, i then did an online course - veterinary assistant.
Running a blog you have a lot of experience with social media, brand outreach, networking, all things blogger like - domain names, how to affilate link, how to promote yourself and so on i felt i lacked knowledge on markerting in the digital age so i am now enrolled on a digital marketing course.
Yet i am still stuck in a rut!
Everyday i still feel useless, worthless, like i cant compete with bigger bloggers or other candidates who have been to uni or have a years worth more experience.Gosh, this intro is long. But i just need to set the scene before i give my tips on what to do when you feel exactly like this. Doing a job that you hate yet you have to stay there because there are no other options is one of the bravest things a human could do, and a lot of us do this on a daily basis. I dont want this for myself. I want to do a job i enjoy every single day. I resonate so well with this quote from Charles Bukowski 

I guess we all feel like giving up at some stage and for some reason, not just because of a career issue, maybe it is a love/family or another personal issue. But the most inspiring thing is that we dont, i get so blue about things that, without sounding big headed, i inspire myself,  I think that it is probably i good thing that i can inspire myself to shake it off. Those thoughts when you have been through it so bad and realise, hey, im still here and im still fighting strong! It is pretty empowering. And that is another reason i love the blogging community so much because they are all a bunch of guys and gals who want to make something of themselves and inspire while doing it.

So apart from crying and whining a are my tips on what to do when you feel like giving up

#Dont give up

Like i have already touched upon, dont give up. You are you, a unique wondeful person and you must remember this. There is not a single human on this planet that is you, they may be similar but they dont have your quirks, your flaws, your unique sense of humour, your own view on life. As a blogger i love that i can be so easily inspired by other bloggers creative spin on things.

#Tell yourself that it is only temporary

Lets get real. As blue as we get, it only lasts for a while. We know deep down that the situation we are in isnt going to last forever. Something new will come along! This something i constantly tell myself, or that its fate/ its meant to be. If i dont get a job, yes, i am hurt. But let it go, there will be other oppurtunities and better suited ones to you that will come along!

#Talk to someone

I find that i can confide in a small amount of people about this type of feeling. But you know what even a strangers help can be really touching. I have made some amazing friends from strangers, online, because they was there when i needed someone most! How strange is that? Maybe not so strange anymore as the digital world is ever growing. Getting these feelings of your chest for a while is a huge help, and the people you tell will be great at telling you that you are a talented, strong person and something big is coming for you.

#Be proud of how far you have come

If you are like me, and love to self educate than this can be a huge boost to get you out of that horrible funk. As long as you continue to grow and be productive you are not standing still, right? You are taking the steps that a going to help you get your goal! Huge woop for that! Im not saying somedays i dont just sit on the sofa, gobble down ben and jerry's and squeeze the dear life out of my dog but hey, im still human ha! Think back to all your achievements so far and be proud of them!

Sometimes we need to just be sad for a bit for us to realise how far we have really come and how much we have to learn. It is so frustrating when you want something so bad and havent got it yet, but imagine how happy you will feel when you land your dream job, get your first car all of your hard work! So please if you feel like giving up..don't!



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