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#HEALTH | Get your mind focused w/ Teami Blends + Competition!

 I'm back with another tea! Before i even start to explain my love for the latest blend of tea from Teami, i want to link in here my first post i did on another blend of tea from the same brand. So if you would like to read that then click the link : Teami Blends Alive tea plus Promo code 

Not only is this an exciting post because im giving you my first ever thoughts on this blend but there is also a competition!!
I love nothing more than a cheeky comp but i love it even more when its for my readers! 

 If you fancy winning the very popular 30 day teatox then keep reading until the end when i shall let you know what YOU must do :'*
Whether you are a blogger, student, mummy or a hard worker then you will know how it feels to be so rushed of your feet and sometimes so brain dead haha! I find myself so absent minded when i have a lot of stuff to do..e.g. the blog posts are pilling, work hours are never ending, my bedroom is a state...its like there is always something to do! So instead of grabbing an energy drink or even a fizzy drink to help with a little extra energy and focus ,try grabbing a tea!

I actually think the likes of red bull and coca cola do not even help in this situation lol if i drink those things i either get hyper and focus less or just feel lazy! (its the sugar!)

This tea i have found does not do this so its more of a yoga retreat for your mind, calming with all the clarity needed. There is no crashes like with coffee or anything high in sugar so thats such a bonus.

The taste is not that strong, its got a peppermint undertone but to me i couldnt really taste it and i brewed my teabag for a long time!
 I didnt add any honey or sugar and it was still nice, which is a big big step for me 
Yay, go me! :)

The packaging is so cute cos it has little science-y feels all over it hehe and a quote from Albert Einstein (before you rip it open at the top, oops didnt take a photo of it! Sarreyy) 

if your looking for a little motivation and focus then do try this tea, its only £19.99 for 20 teabags
here - use code JSARAH10 for money off!


If you have skipped the whole post to just read how to enter the competition then...shame on you!! haha im kidding - so what do you have to do?

A few simple steps

1. Follow me on twitter my handle is @ justsarahxoxo_
or click the link

2. Follow Teami Blends on twitter

3. Tag 3 of your friends/blogger pals/ someone you think will love the prize 
on my pinned tweet and RT it!

As simple as that and you could have a 30 day detox tea in your grasp!
Please do share this post and RT the tweet to share the 
TEAmi love



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