Wednesday, 30 March 2016

#WISHLIST | Get cute with LAMODA
I dont think i have done a wishlist which is full of LAMODA goodness, and to be honest i dont know why!? haha i am always trying to hold myself back from buying from LAMODA because i just love the stuff they have too much! They are always so on trend and i love it all from the bags to the accessories but my love will always go out to their shoes and boots <3 they have the sassiest heels. A lot of their stuff reminds me of what rih rih would wear.
As soon as there is a trend like the suede hats or the creepers, LAMODA have it and also for an amazing price! This list is full of stuff i want. NEED . The  theme is mostly black items, haha i was either going to keep it all black or go for a mermaid theme wishlist because YES i am still loving the hollgraphic mermaid stuff.

All the images are directly linked anyway so if you do fancy
a little treat then buy away!

what is your favourite trend at the moment?