Sunday, 20 March 2016

#REVIEW | iPhone case collection x promo code

 If you know me, & to be honest i think you do...we are becoming quite the pals you and me. We are not at the stage where we are finishing each others sentences yet, but i know that you know that i am a total phone case obsessor! I wish i could just have them all on my phone at the same time...or maybe have 6 phones...NAH..scrap that.. i wouldnt have a life LOL well anyway let me show you some of the phone cases i own so far from my ever growing collection..i love them all so much <3 i shall link them all below and if i have a promo code dont forget to use it!

p.s. i have an iPhone 6 model
 I cast these 2 under my mermaid/glamour collection (i have totally organised them in to categories hehe) the gold one is actually one i picked up in the £ shop for of course just 1 pound! I needed a case urgently to protect my phone when i got it new, and this one was actually the most decent one they had haha but i do love the glitter design! Similar HERE 

The mermaid scale case is just adorbs! I had wanted it for sooooooo long, so when i did finally get my phone i bought it. The light really bounces of the case and creates a beautiful rainbow effect. It is from the brand SkinnyDip ( and i have to refrain from the site because i just want to empty the whole site into my cart -_- sorry bank balance...Buy HERE

 The pineapple case is summer ready! The perfect case for summer, it gives me all the vibes and is so cute. I have actually had so many compliments on this case its not a joke! It is from another one of my fave site for things like phone cases and decor, Buy HERE

Use code
for 20% off 

Little kitty cats, awww, i love this phone case <3 i got this as a gift, see its not just you that knows what i love! The cats are so cool i love rocking them on my phone, it is also really strong and protective cos i must of gone through a clumsy phase as i remember dropping my phone a few times when i had this case on and there was no scratches or broken parts! Buy similar HERE

 Say hi to Sophia! How cute is this westie phone case?! I must stop saying the word cute cos it tends to take up most of my vocab but it is so fitting in this whole post. I love the fact that the owner Jill of both Sophia and Plia made her royal. You cant not love a dog with a royal crown on :) i am loving this case and have currently got it on and i think it will take a prize case to replace it! 

It has the softest feel, i havent ever owned a case where it feels like silk or just so smooth but not slippery. I have to give this case my heart because not only does it fulfill my love of animals, beautify my phone but also protects it to the max!
It comes with an extra case which slips inside it to help protect the sides of the phone too. So it is so durable and super shock proof for clumsy people like me haha

 protects the sides & back!