Friday, 29 January 2016

#OOTN | Luxe LBD w/ Luxemme x 10% OFF

Need that classy LBD for a night out or even to wear out to a bar/meal 
to impress?
Well ladies, look no further than this beautiful neck detailed dress from 
The whole chocker, neck detailing is really trending right now!

I got the chance to collaborate with the gorgeous brand Luxemme - the whole brand screams to me - LUXE , from the name to the clothing. Even more suprising is the quality of the dress. It feels very sturdy and isnt see through at all. I know sturdy is maybe a weird way to describe a dress,but i cant bear to think of my dress falling down or being see through and flimsy when im on a date night or out with friends!

I wish i could of modelled the dress better but self timer can sometimes be your worst frenemie ha! I cant wait to wear it to a special occassion, you can shop the dress, HERE.

and use my code 
to get 10% OFF!

Im gonna come clean, there are so many dresses on the site i want to buy and im just sitting here waiting for payday ♥


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

#REVIEW | Doll White - does teeth whitening really work?

I've always wondered if fads like whitening strips or those luminous light teeth whitening products really work. Its pretty common these days to see handfuls of celebs with veeners endorsing these products, when they clearly dont need too. So i wanted to try for myself and see first hand results. A bit of a scardy cat when it comes to putting anything on my teeth, as you hear horror stories about chemicals stripping your enamel off you teeth and so on.

With these strips i wasnt so scared because they dont have harash chemicals in them and they dont look scary either. Lets see how i got on with my 7 day teeth whitening.

The packaging itself is so pretty! It is literally the simplest design but its so eye catching *heart emoji* 
The strips you can see are what it looks like, see not scary after all! So you pop the long strip on your upper teeth and the smaller one on the bottom after you brush your teeth.
So i applied it to my teeth and it doesnt taste horrible or chemically at all, just minty and i leftit on for half hour. Once i took it off its kind of like a gel texture which is left on the teeth and you just have to rinse out your mouth.
So i did this for the 7 days ...

the results...

i do not think 7 days is long enough to really gage a proper result and the fact i havent tried any other products like this im gutted i cant compare it to anything for you! But it was kind on my teeth, no pain at all and i noticed the tiniest difference but i didnt end up with a mouth like Rylan :D

have you tried any whitening products that have worked for 


Thursday, 21 January 2016

10 things that crossed my mind watching "making a murderer"

If you have been watching the cult netflix "making a murderer" then there is absolutley no doubt in my mind you have been yelling at your screen rather a lot. So much in fact you're wondering where all this anger for a person you are not even related too has come from. This real life docu-drama has created a huge buzz across all social media's and im not suprised as it exposes the injustices of the legal system. I wouldnt want to be on the wrong side of that system when they blatently do-not-give-a-fuck about how to handle a case such as Mr Averys.
Here are
10 things that i thought whilst watching Making a murderer

1. Coincidence i think not? She sabotaged the evidence, clearly, cos its just ever so ever so funny how she only done it on this case and not her previous cases.

2. How were the Manitowoc police/sheriff force EVEN allowed on this case after they wrongly convicted Steven for 18 years ??? Apprently they had been babysat by the neighbouring county force but somehow, Lenk and his shady helpers were at the "crime scene" 

3. Do keys really just appear out of nowhere? or even walk? Where are you hiding Uri Gellar?

4. Lets not get off course here, but who is this HUNK?! The square jaw, the grey hair , the concentration face *heart eyes*

5. THE most frustrating part of this docu-drama for me was the whole toyota x sarg colburn episode!!!! i mean WTF!! the guy was standing in front od that SAME car 2 days prior to it being found, he told the despatch the brand of the car just by the number plate and stating he was in front of it. Then started fumbling and mumbling when confronted with evidence that backed that up !!!! If you was shouting at your screen by this point then you are plain ol stupid.

6. Nothing more to be said. These guys seemed compassionate, true and understanding. Im glad there was actually some people in this case who had a conscience.

7. I finished the series a week or 2 weeks ago and im getting so angry just by writing this post. DAMN.

8. S-H-A-D-Y gang. The brother & the ex boyfriend. Why wasnt they questioned? And is it just me, but if i was in the same room with the supposed murderer who killed my family member i would have an experession on my face that is the total opposite of disinteresed, sleepy, bored etc. 

9. The thought of him makes my skin crawl. The sound of his voice and his over inflated ego makes me want to vom. GET DOWN from your perch mate. no feelings. no proof. egotistical pig. oh, and i dont think sexting a female domestic violence victim was a good move....especially for you. 

10. Who killed Teresa Halbach??? I strongly believe Steven is innocent. So all along im wondering who did it? The brother, the ex? The police force? Maybe both together? Who bloody knows, but i hope we will find out and justice is restored.

This is also interesting ---- new evidence that could change stevens case

If you watched the series, what were your thoughts????


#BEMETIME | Healthy skin and breakfast - week 2

Hi guys! We are on week 2. Im really loving this campaign as i love the week to week update aspect of it. I hope you have been eating your breakfasts and keeping your skin toned and protected from the freeeezing cold! It has been snowing!! YUCK. Im not one for snow now that im in my 20's, rewind a few years and i loved nothing more, all it brings me now is the wishing that i dont have to leave my house on that day lol *grinch* 

 ***DONT forget to enter the competition to win a bundle for yourself!!** 

lets get right into what i have recieved for week 2 from beautyexpert and mornflake ...

 Mornflake have been really giving my breakfasts something to boast about. Sticking with the granola, this week i have plum and almonds rather than thw whole nutty combo and i do love this a whole lot more! It is much more tastier to me as im not the biggest nut lover. Oatbran im shamed to say i had never had before this :O it is similar to porridge but healthier i guess. It did feel like it gave me an energy boost and  you know i think these types of breakfasts are great for dinner too! When you have that niggling for something to eat but you cant put your finger on what you want, im more inclined to grab a bowl and have some cereal! Who else does that??!!

I have took pictures of the packages and the actual creams themeselves just so you can see the consistancy, i think consistancy is a huge key and sometimes the reason why i dont buy some products. I like a thick hand cream for my hands, think cream for my face unless its winter and im going outside and it even differs from morn to night. I like a light serum in the morning and for under my makeup but i dont mind something thicker at night to really get in to my skin whilst i sleep! PHEW, the cream life is a hard one. 

Hand chemistry is now one of my fave skin care brands, i have another post of which i have the foot version of this cream and it was amazing. At the time i recieved it i literally had the worst cracked heels man had ever seen, im talking on par with elephants! 
I used the cream religiously and my foot is now smooth again, the only thing i didnt like too much about it was the smell - it was pretty minty. On the other hand ;) this cream smells absolutley divine, it reminds me of hair conditioner and has a berry smell to it. It is a great thickness but it doesnt leave your hands greasy or feeling creamed up. I have been using it for 3 days now and my hands are becoming so smooth. BUY now as it is on offer for £14, it actually retails in boots for £20. - Hand Chemistry 

Complex 27 R sounds like something from star wars. I do love trying brands i have never heard of before, its like unwrapping a present. This one is a serum so its very thin *TICK* loving that fact! Its to apply on the face and neck area before you go to bed but i also like to put it on in the morning. To get the best results it advises usage for two months. Im very far from that mark at the moment but as of so far im loving the feel of it on my skin and look forward to continue using it. Let me know if you have used it!! 

Decleor - the white one is an under eye brightener, its really soft on the eyes and it does actually brighten up the whole area. the yellow bottle is aroma night, which you put on your face before sleep. it has a really distinct aroma thearpy type smell which is really relaxing.

I'm loving week 2, the hand cream has to be my fave!

wonder whats in store for week 3!



Monday, 18 January 2016

#BEAUTY | Lash unlimited

Came across another lash site, as im on a never ending quest for that pot of lashes! This site is called Lash Unlimited and has some beautiful styles for amazing prices! so please do check them out and follow their social medias. i have also shown you some similar lashes so you can see what lashes they are closest too if you want to buy them. instead of buying lily lashes at $29 get the same style for £3! i think i have a bit of OCD when it comes to finding the right pair of lashes and then deciding the amount i ought to spend on them.

#7 - similar to lily lashes - paris shown below also similat to ardell demi wispies and also red cherry #WSPS and huda beauty giselle lashes
#9 - similar to backstage lashes in soho shown below, lily lashes in canne , thats all i can find similar!
#4 similar to red cherry #43, lilly lashes - milan , ardell 117
#2 similar to amy childs lash - tease, huda beauty - monique, ardell fashion lashes 108,
what is your fave stlye? mine is #9 *heart emoji*


Friday, 15 January 2016

#OOTD | All in aid of Darth Vader...

Don't be fooled by the sun, it was disgustingly freezing trying to shoot this outfit haha. I think i do live in black, its the easiest to dress up or down depending on your mood. Some of these items you will have seen in my other outfit posts but the new addition is the trousers and bag. I have been living in these for 3 days now and i dont ever want to wear anything else, they are the comfiest trousers i have ever ever owned and are wonderful to wear is a dressed up item or just a casual day item. They are from marks and spencer and they are like a velour type of material, they have an elastic waist so id call them trousers/leggings. The bag is so cute i actually adore it :) i won it in a competition and it is from LYDC bags, when browsing their site be warned for a lot of word vomit *i want that one* *OMG , that bag is so cute*!!!As you  can see someone else wanted to try their hand at a little modelling; i think this guy pulls it off well, such a natural ;)

Top - Primark (similar)
Trousers - Marks&Spencer
Boots - LAMODA
what colour do you ALWAYS wear?



Thursday, 14 January 2016

#REVIEW | Slendertoxtea daytox x sleeptox

Carrying on my fitness theme for the month of January i bring you, SLENDERTOXTEA! Im not going to go into detail about the ingredients and all that because you can see it for yourself on the website, here. I just want to let you guys know how i got on and my results.


i am currently on day 4 of my detox so i am just going to give you a run through of those results. i followed the instructions to brew the tea bag in my cup for a minute or two - i brewed it less at the start as i didnt know how tolerant i would be. i did this lets say 20 mins after i got up. i didnt particualry like the taste so it was one of those hold your nose and gulp things, but as the days went on i have grown to tolerate it. i was also drinking the sleeptox tea, which is an every other night drink. i would brew it 2 hours before i felt like i wanted to sleep. but i would like you to bear in mind that i have tried to eat full meals and eat as healthy as i can, cutting out fizzy drinks and crisps etc. i did have a bit of a wobbly tummy a few days in but they arent big side effects so i havent stopped the detox. i just assume it is where it is working in my system. so thats what i did but what were my results?

my results

so i did notice that my energy levels seemed to be more balanced, i work pretty early in the morning and sleep late so i can suffer with fatigue. i have been trying to drink a hella lot more water so the increase of energy could also be to do with that. i wouldnt say its one of those products where you will instantly drop pounds, you shed a lil bit here and there due to the fact it is cleansing out your body and what you eat, so it makes you feel a lot more cleaner than anything else. i think it helps to stop bloating and the feeling of discomfort.
overall i think its a wonderful tea and would recommend to anyone who is interested in trying it out to aid their healthy journey!

what do you guys think? have you tried it?


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Protein Drinks Company - Ufit x collagen beauty milk


I was saying in a previous post about how much i love tea and dont really have a healthy subsitute for it, after trying green tea and not being able to gulp it down...sipping just isnt the one. But lucky enough for me i have now found my healthy drink to go with my healthy breakfasts!! Enter Ufit and collagen beauty milk. Both products can be purchased on or you can also purchase them in supermarkets, holland and barret and other selected stores.
Im normally won over by anything chocolate tasting so thats why i am absolutley loving the chocolate Ufit drinks! Strawberry isnt too far behind on that list! These drinks are perfect for in the morning but also to grab on the go or to drink after a workout! I feel like they have made such a difference due to the fibre and vitamins, packed with 22g of protein! I didnt find there was any kind of powdery taste either, which i have had in the past when i have tried some other protein drinks. Sometimes i think the market can a go a little crazy when things go mainstream, a couple years back when protein drinks became a "thing" and they had flavours like cookies and tasted vile to me anyway haha i prefer good ol chocolate.

The collagen beauty milk is a little more intersting, im hoping it will be an instant beauty milk haha! In a way it is, once you are feeling beautiful inside it will show outside, right? A drink packed with antioxidents and collagen must be helpful to us ladies somewhere along the lines. Great for hydration of the skin i used these drinks as snacks rather than snacking on crisps or naughty chocolates! It has enough protein to fill you up! The fact that im getting my green tea from somewhere without me having to taste it does warm my heart in some kind of way! Ive heard that it can help with weight loss too!

what are your thoughts on these drinks?



Monday, 11 January 2016

#TRAVEL | Another trip to one of my fave UK cities

The travel section is finally making a long awaited return! YAY. It can only mean one thing...i have been on my travels again. My 3rd stay in Brighton, can you tell i love it? Just a short stay in the wonderful city because sometimes christmas and new years can be too much. I love going away in the UK cos i think its a good way to culture yourself about your own country. The only thing that is a no no about the UK is the weather, especially in the new year its totally unpredictable. With 3 out of 4 days being rainy (BOOO) we tried to make the most of our trip with lots of visits to the arcade (hello Brighton pier), pubs and bars, restaurants and exploring as much of the town as we could. But i mean, isnt that just perfect? We had one long walk along the beach only, just because it was only sunny once!
I wouldnt expect too much from my outfits you are about to see because my whole get up was "when will the wind stop and the cold go away i cant feel my hands" type of thing haha. With a lot of "quick run under that shelter" or "just go in that pub quick, its pouring" you can tell we had a successful pub crawl of a get away! I'm just super thankful i packed my trusty scarf and coat!

Coat - Missguided
Joggers - Adidas
Trainers - New look (similar)
Jeans - Missguided

have you visited Brighton?
tell me how your visit was!!