Wednesday, 30 March 2016

#WISHLIST | Get cute with LAMODA
I dont think i have done a wishlist which is full of LAMODA goodness, and to be honest i dont know why!? haha i am always trying to hold myself back from buying from LAMODA because i just love the stuff they have too much! They are always so on trend and i love it all from the bags to the accessories but my love will always go out to their shoes and boots <3 they have the sassiest heels. A lot of their stuff reminds me of what rih rih would wear.
As soon as there is a trend like the suede hats or the creepers, LAMODA have it and also for an amazing price! This list is full of stuff i want. NEED . The  theme is mostly black items, haha i was either going to keep it all black or go for a mermaid theme wishlist because YES i am still loving the hollgraphic mermaid stuff.

All the images are directly linked anyway so if you do fancy
a little treat then buy away!

what is your favourite trend at the moment?

Monday, 28 March 2016

#REVIEW | Teami Blends x promo code

This week i got to collaborate with the lovley team from TEAMI Blends (the site is full of inspiring beautiful images) and sample a tea from the selection they have. As im the biggest tea lover and tryer this was music to my ears.

 Seeing as spring has sprung now and the cold weather is finally subsiding *yay* its time to get summer ready! I hear such huge sighs at this comment but please dont feel deflated as Teami blends have some products to help!

Teami blends have a wide range of teas that are helpful in many ways, here are just some
of the teas

and more

 Wether you are looking for a healthy detox or a tea to help you relax and drift of to sleep then you are looking in the right place. I have the TEAMI ALIVE tea bags to sample, i choose this pack because i felt so run down after fighting off 2 colds in the space of 3 weeks! I needed that extra energy and oomf back after the cold season.
These bags have a blend of lemon grass, honey ginger and green tea. Which we all know are very good for our body.
I was aiming for my body to feel, yep you guessed it, more alive! Less sluggish and an all round new body haha

So i have been using it for a few days now and i do still drink my normall milky tea for all my sins! But it has really helped me on cutting that down and slowly replacing it with a healthier option.

This is what the tea helps to combat

  • Eliminating Chronic Exhaustion 
  • Boosting Metabolism 
  • Heightened Focus & Concentration
  • Increasing Energy Levels
  • Relieving Muscle Pain & Inflammation
  • Purifying the Colon
  • Increasing Blood Circulation which Improves Skin Complexion
  • Detoxing of the Kidney & Liver
  • Decreasing Migraines
  • Relieving Discomfort from Stomach Cramps
 I have felt a slight rise in my energy levels which im super happy about. I tend to read a lot of reviews on these kind of tea's and have tried out a few and it hasnt worked for me, but this blend is proving me wrong. I also thought it would taste vile haha! Thats down to my experience with green tea without honey but it is actually really yummy, of course you can add extra honey if you wanted to but i think it is fine without it!

The tumbler is probably the cutest tumbler i have seen. I adore the design, it is so simple and practical. It has a strainer and a seperate compartment for the tea bag. It is so handy to carry around and you  get a good grip on the bottle. I choose the black design as duhhhh it goes with everything! They have a range og colours though so be sure to check them out!

If you are thinking of starting a detox or want some extra energy i think teami blends is a great place to start! The tumbler is £19.99 and you get unlimited use out of it!! My tea was £14.99 and it comes with 15 tea bags! A bargain for good health!

A little extra bargain for you now

Use my code


for 10% off of your order

let me know if you purchase and how you get on!


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

#BEAUTY | Eylure lash haul!

A whole lotta lashes going on here, right!? Well i was actually lucky enough to win these lashes from eylure via twitter with eylure and look fantastic. Excited much...couldnt contain myself cos i am suge a huge fan of false lashes and especially this brand! So lets talk all things lashes... i have tried 80% of these so far :)

I just want to say make sure you keep an eye out of my instagram because im goingto be using these in some makeup looks so you get to see how they look! ;)
No 212 - Dramatic ..of course these bad boys are the most dramatic of the bunch - adding lots of length and drama to the eyes. Not for everyday wear.. unless your just that FABulous i guess!

No 143 - Exaggerate .. these have the dark band on them so it adds the effect of eyeliner and lines your eyes a bit more. Perfect length lashes.
Enchanted - Beloved... OMG. these are so dainty and cute. Apart from the packaging which looks so fairy like the lashes are beautiful. My FAVE! They add the right amount of length and fullness to the lashes without over doing it. They have the invisband so they look au natural ;)

No.27 - So these naturals are also one of my faves as i love the understated look! I wear these a lot actually and they may look so wipsy and pointless but honestly they actually are great. Again they have the invsiband so they look as natural as possible, Love them.

No. 110 - Definition ... i havent tried these ones yet as im not so sure on the style but i reckon i might be suprised on how they look.

No 111 - 3 Dimensional.. these are basically two lashes stuck together, but withon lash a bit lower down on the other so it creates a 3D lash. A brilliant idea and which you can create with your own lashes..DIY lash. I love how these look on, really make your eyes pop.

No. 150 - Texture. & volume pack...again i havent tried these ones so i cant comment yet!

So this is an eyelash curler, but not the typical type that your squeeze your lashes in this one is a heated curler.
You turn it on for 20 secs and wait for it to heat up and then you hold it on your lashes to curl i did see the slightest difference when i used it but i wouldnt say it is as effective as the normal curlers. Im also not one for sitting and holding and waiting when it comes to make up. I like to just get on with it, if youre the same then this tool isnt for you.

These are basically a big headed tweezer to apply the lashes, and in this case i dont think something should be changed unless it isnt working, for example i use my normal tweezers to apply the lashes and i find it soooo much easier that way. They are nimble and not so stiff to open and close. I found with these they are so stiff to open and close and its like you have to press really hard to get the lash oout and then the lash just falls off everywhere lol I just find the head to big and bulky, not really for me!


Sunday, 20 March 2016

#REVIEW | iPhone case collection x promo code

 If you know me, & to be honest i think you do...we are becoming quite the pals you and me. We are not at the stage where we are finishing each others sentences yet, but i know that you know that i am a total phone case obsessor! I wish i could just have them all on my phone at the same time...or maybe have 6 phones...NAH..scrap that.. i wouldnt have a life LOL well anyway let me show you some of the phone cases i own so far from my ever growing collection..i love them all so much <3 i shall link them all below and if i have a promo code dont forget to use it!

p.s. i have an iPhone 6 model
 I cast these 2 under my mermaid/glamour collection (i have totally organised them in to categories hehe) the gold one is actually one i picked up in the £ shop for of course just 1 pound! I needed a case urgently to protect my phone when i got it new, and this one was actually the most decent one they had haha but i do love the glitter design! Similar HERE 

The mermaid scale case is just adorbs! I had wanted it for sooooooo long, so when i did finally get my phone i bought it. The light really bounces of the case and creates a beautiful rainbow effect. It is from the brand SkinnyDip ( and i have to refrain from the site because i just want to empty the whole site into my cart -_- sorry bank balance...Buy HERE

 The pineapple case is summer ready! The perfect case for summer, it gives me all the vibes and is so cute. I have actually had so many compliments on this case its not a joke! It is from another one of my fave site for things like phone cases and decor, Buy HERE

Use code
for 20% off 

Little kitty cats, awww, i love this phone case <3 i got this as a gift, see its not just you that knows what i love! The cats are so cool i love rocking them on my phone, it is also really strong and protective cos i must of gone through a clumsy phase as i remember dropping my phone a few times when i had this case on and there was no scratches or broken parts! Buy similar HERE

 Say hi to Sophia! How cute is this westie phone case?! I must stop saying the word cute cos it tends to take up most of my vocab but it is so fitting in this whole post. I love the fact that the owner Jill of both Sophia and Plia made her royal. You cant not love a dog with a royal crown on :) i am loving this case and have currently got it on and i think it will take a prize case to replace it! 

It has the softest feel, i havent ever owned a case where it feels like silk or just so smooth but not slippery. I have to give this case my heart because not only does it fulfill my love of animals, beautify my phone but also protects it to the max!
It comes with an extra case which slips inside it to help protect the sides of the phone too. So it is so durable and super shock proof for clumsy people like me haha

 protects the sides & back!


Thursday, 17 March 2016

#BEAUTY | Makeup Geek single eyeshadows - review & swatches!

 EEEKK! These shadows are certainly beautiful, arent they? Please don't tell me its just me who squeals with such pleasure over these little pans of heaven?!? Ya- huh i have been adding things that i ought not to again to my beauty bay basket as a Makeup Geek virgin, it had to be done! 4 must have shades from the Makeup Geek collection. I must say it was probably one of the hardest 30 minutes in my life deciding wether i needed another peach shade or not hahaa i wanted to put all the shades in my basket because narrowing it down was a task!

 So, you may ask, how did i decide? I added Peach Smoothie straight away because a girl just cannot, i repeat, cannot have to many transistion shades in her life! I mean, the transistion shade can really make an eye look and i have seen so many bloggers use this shade that i just HAD to have it :) 

Wisteria was just a total impulse click - i have really wanted to do a mauve eye look for some time and this shade just caught my eye . I am actually sitting here wishing i also added one of the foiled shades to my basket as well!

Mango Tango (an orangey brown tone)  and Cupcake (brown/purply tone) i have seen featured a lot also in beauty Youtube videos and of course on instagram and im hoping i can re create something similar with them! I have ordered a ring light also so the colours can pop ;)
 L-R : peach smoothie, mango tango, cupcake, wisteria

Regarding the pigment & consistency, cos i know you are dying to hear all about that! They really do not dissapoint, when i first put brush to pan the shadow took really well to the brush and you get a lot of product on there! YAY. It blends so so well on the skin and it is very pigmented, which means less is more! You can really tell they are a quality product, i mean i compared it to a shadow palette i got off of amazon and literally its just a no brainer. The quality is unmistakable and im so glad that i bought these shades and look forward to buying more!

I  think they are a decent price at £4.95 each, a bit of  a higher price than the morphe singles but they are so worth it. I do love the morphe ones too but they havent got that many colours stocked on beautybay!



Wednesday, 16 March 2016

#REVIEW | Ammonia FREE hair dye w/ NATURIGIN

There are a lot of hair dyes on the current market and when i am shopping for one i tend to normally stick to one or two brands, more than anything it is to do with price rather than being about a brand i love. All hair dyes have a variety of colours and there ist much else that sets them apart, so for me i am easily swayed and will give most brands a go! Enter...NATURIGIN. This posts is actually a little overdue, sorry guys! I met the lovely people behind the brand at the blogger hangout event which you can read HERE and they told me the wonders about the hair dye.

Basically the biggest selling point or best asset shall i say of this product is the fact that it is ammonia free and organic based! The dye itself is free of ammonia, which means it doesnt have the smell of a chemical lab!! I was so pleased and pleasently suprised with the smell of the dye. I really had no idea what to expect but it wasnt at all that strong bleachy smell it was so much more toned down. It also didnt linger in my hair, after i have used other hair dye my hair also smelt for days afterwards. The consistancy was a lot more runny than any other dye that i have used before but the applicaiton was super quick and easy!

The colour itself was lovely, it was vibrant and had a beautiful shine to it and was a lot more bolder than i thought it would be. Leaving my hair soft as desired. Im so happy that i got to try out this product and let you guys know about it. Using chemicals a lot can be damaging to us so its so much of a less scary feeling now when i got to dye my hair. I used to get so nervous before i dyed my hair haha thinking i would have a reaction to the chemicals like the horror stories you sometimes read in those magazines. No more need to worry now :)

Where can i buy?

The product is actually available to buy in Lloyds pharmacies! They have
a range of blondes, browns, black and reds!

I'm going to be posting some photos of my new hair on my instagram over at @justsarahxoxo_ so keep an eye out!

Whats in the box?

What is in the box you may ask, you actually may be able to tell from the photos but i shall just write it up here for you anyway.
Of course you get the solutions to mix up which couldnt be more easier!
You get the after dye lock in conditioner sachet
Gloves :)

Want to win one for yourself?
Because i love it SO much i thought it would be nice if one of you
lovely bunch could try it for yourself!! If you want to be in to win it then all you have to do is
FOLLOW both mine and NATURIGIN'S twitter handles and RT the pinned tweet. Just visit my twitter to find out more!!


good luck!!


Monday, 14 March 2016

#BEAUTY | Manuka Doctor CC cream & Lip enhancer review

YAY! Another Manuka Doctor review! This brand is now at the top of my list when it
comes to skincare products. Not only are the products all inspired by nature and put to use 
 maybe the most feared summer creature's hated feature to use ; bee venom! Both these products are from the apirefine catergory. Lets take a look at the products :)

 I hope you love the little sunflowers! I think they go well with the bee theme and makes me think of summer, which means sun, which means protection! So we are pretty lucky that this CC cream has SPF20 :)

 I have been using this cream  non stop since i recieved it. It is the perfect essential to wear on its on or under foundation. It has a tint to it and is essentially a moisturiser which creates a high definition finish on your skin. I found it to be very thin on the skin which is a biggest  YES, these sort of products i love to wear in the summer when you really dont want all that foundation on your skin.
When i first applied it it felt kind of tacky, kind if primer like but when it was oxidised it settled and i didnt realise i had it on my skin! 

It really helps to combat any redness or blemishes on the skin without giving a full coverage like a foundation would but still giving a semi-flawless look. I dont know if its just me but i felt like it actually adapted to my own skin colour, when i squeezed out the first pump it looked kind of light on my skin but once i rubbed it all on it didnt look out of place at all. 

This for me is just a product everyone needs because i dont always have time or dont even like to wear foundation everyday! Lets face it, it really clogs up the pores and if youre in a rush to do it you can sometimes make the mistake of putting on too much and have those terrible marks haha *guilty* You can just pop it on and be on your way.

The best thing abou this product though (yes, i still havent got to the best bit yet!) is the GLOW. It adds the freshest glow to the skin ever. The totally dewy look that was a big hit last year? Yeah, well now its in this bottle! 

So wether you want to wear it on it own or under foundation as a primer slash moisturiser its up to you, but i think its nice the product gives us that option :)
Buy it HERE 

Lip enhancer 
So with the lip enhancer im still a little bit unsure. I squeezed out some product and put it on my lips and it did begin to tingle, i checked my lips after a few minutes and i noticed just the slightest bit of difference regards to the plumping. More than anything it gives your lips a shine and kind of boosts the outer edges of the lips if that makes any sense ha

It has a minty kind of smell and applies nice, it isnt overly sticky which i like. Some lip products are waaay to sticky and thats just a no go when in this windy weather, we know that us long haired girls end up looking like cousin IT!

Buy it HERE 

I have added a few photos of me using the products, i am also wearing the CC cream under my foundation for the perfect base and the lip enhancer on my lips that give it a great shine!


Friday, 11 March 2016

#BEAUTY | Morphe pan eyeshadows - review & swatches

Another one of my birthday gifts from last month! A little bit of Morphe in your life cant hurt can it!
I always wanted my own z palette that i could customise and here it is :) the palette itself is lovely, it reminds me of those ones that all the makeup youtubers hold whilst doing theirr makeup lol! The mirrir is so big and cleat its literally perfect. Also the base where the pans go is magnetic! SO you can easily get them in and out and they dont move around and fall about.
It is only £5.50!!!  p.s. i think im calling it a z palette when it isnt one LOL but sshhh lets pretend.

I have 5 colours so far as i think dont have that many yet, so i may fill it up with some makeup geek ones! The morphe pans are only £1.95 each.

I was suprised at how pigmented they are actually, really decent for the price. The colours are very random right, but thats my sister for you haha she picked them! I did swatch them but i think the camera filter may have drowned the colours out a bit. The blue colour is a dupe for the blue in the  TOO FACED semi sweet palette by the way, minus the chocolate smell of course ;)