Tuesday, 28 June 2016

#EVENT | Blogger Hangout event - Strand Gallery

My second attendance to a Bloggers Hangout event! (read about my first one here) Held at the Strand Gallery in London, which was a tight squeeze for the huge turn out of bloggers! So much so that is was so hot and sticky inside but i didnt let that put a dampener on the event. It was full of fantastic brands some new and some i have heard of before. All im saying is thank god for Cocktail Mania , those girls saved all our blogger needs with the tastiest (alcohol) slushies! ;)

I went and spoke to the lovely people at Pink Parcel first and was so impressed by their concept. I had heard of them before but i never really did too much research. Basically they are a sub box (i love a good sub box) for your time of the month. They have lots of bits and bobs to help cheer you up like makeup, chocolate and skin care and also the essentials like pads or tampons and a tea sachet that is soothing to your monthly cramps! For £10.50 inc p&p each month you cant really go wrong ( first box is usually £6.99) but use code PINK16 to get your first box for £5.

We got to pick from a selection of items what we wanted to take away in our little mini pink parcel boxes and here is what i picked! One thing that i need aroun my period is serious spot control, like i eat so much chocolate and my hormones are throught the roof so i picked the clean and clear spot control moisturiser which im hoping will help a gal out. You get a sweet treat and a tea in every box anyway, these both looked and smelt yummy.The makeup bits are amazing high end brands and also some of my faves! I really urge everyone to check it out because if anything it will really cheer you up when you most need it! 

O M G . Sass & Belle I love this brand. I will shout it from the roof tops!! I am a serious obsessive of staionary, nik-naks, cute things. They genuinely bring me joy. This whole brand just encapsulates that. The stuff that they have is just so stunning. The glass is now my most used glass haha! Visit the website and you will see what i mean and why i cant get my words out. Its like an IKEA for bloggers! With things like wall art, LED lights, pads, trinket dishes and lots and lots of copper things (a blogger craze) I love the little whale bag, i mean i hate carrying bags around with me - we have to now cos otherwise its 5p every bag!! ugh, so this fold out bag has made me life so much easier. I dont have a gazillion bags inside my tiny handbag taking up all the room now because this little whale is here:) as soon a i need a bag i just un roll him! 

One last thing i must tell you about, im aware im rambling on and making this post so long ha but i must give you all the good stuff! I have never used nail wraps EVER in my life, and for some reason i just had the attitude that nope, im never going to try them. But now my nail game has changed. I tried these wraps from Dinki Belle out ( i wanted the marble ones so bad but they was all gone :s waa!) i am so impressed. It literally took me like 5 minutes to put them on, no stress no struggle, no skin painted, no spillages! I didnt have to do the helpless hand flap either cos i didnt have to wait for them to dry!
 Im not saying im not going to not use polish again but if i want such a funky or specific design i now know where to buy them from. I just adore them so much and im actually pretty mad that i never tried them before haa i cannot wait for the new range to come out! There is talk of sugar skulls *heart stops* and chritmas -sparkles. EEP!

Will you try out any of these brands?


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

#REVIEW | Bloggers Ball event goodies review

If you want to read my post about the actual Bloggers Ball event then i have linked it below

Bloggers Ball event review 

I always feel so grateful when i get goodies to sample from a blogger event and this was no different! Most of the products being beauty based i was in my element. So here are some images of the goodies and a little review of each!

A few goodies from Just Beauty 
 The place for all things nails, skin, hair and body! These nail varnishes are so beautiful, much better than i was thinking they would be for sure. I love the blue colour against my skin it really makes my tan stand out. Invisibobble are my life, i picked up the cheap version of them in Primark a while ago and i think they really area game changer. So i was happy when i saw the actual brand in the bag haha! Carmex is also one of my faves for lips, i do actually prefer the cherry flavour but it was nice to try out the lime flavour :) 

 Lets talk all things Vatika naturals! As i sit here writing this i have the black seed oil on my hair & it smells divine. It is really greasy but not in a bad way, it really does deep condition the hair and scalp. You leave it in overnight and wash it out and have super shiny hair!
 I actually suffer from an itchy scalp due to dandfruff every now and then so i am looking to try out the lemon treatments and also the garlic ones. The natural ingredients for me are a big thing, i am a huge fan of them and to my own experience think they work so much better than all the chemicals that shampoos and conditioners have in the now days. Also beauty blogger Farahdhukai (instagram) always uses natural ingredients in her hair, go check her out!

If you don't get an instant reminder of high school when you smell these scents then i dont know who are you lol i have pretty much used these from my teenage years until now and i believe there is a scent for everyone! They range from being really sweet to really fruity and also some deep musky smells in between. I was happy to be gifted these to try out and the little perfume bottles are essential to every womans handbag! What is your favourite So...? scent? My faves are so sexy, rio and original

 Chin up mask - this was one thing i was intrigued to try! A mask that claims to "contour" your chin? A strange remark in the first instance but when you think about it it seems clear. I like to think the mask actually helps to firm the area and renew cells rather than sort of taking inches off your chin. It comes with 2 masks which i didnt realise would be full of like a very wet product on them! You stick it to your chin / neck area and them tighten the band around it and leave it for a while. The mask really is refreshing and it feels like it is renewing the skin, if that makes any sense. As for reducing the amount of skin or flab or what not in that area im not so sure. But it is a nice sensation and smells really fresh!

 This chocolate from Seed and Bean is actually so yummy! I think they are perfect gifts as a they have so many flavours for so many different palettes. Flavours such as lemon and cardamom, coconut and raspberry, chilli and lime, mint and so many more. They are also organic!

Thrilled i got to discover so many new brandsand review them on my blog! It all went down so well!



Monday, 20 June 2016

#EVENT | The bloggers ball - hosted by Scarlett London

When i get an email invite to a blogger event the first thing i tend to do is squeal, so this is exactly what happened when i got the invite to the Bloggers Ball a few months ago! The event was hosted by Scarlett London and this made it all the more exciting as i had never before been to one of the events by Scarlett. 

So i have put together a little post about the day, including the location and the brands and my general thoughts on it all :) i also think i will do a seperate post with a review of some of the items i got from the amazing brands there! HERE

I always love these events because you discover brands that you may or may not have even known about before but more than that, you get to have a chat to them personally and see their passion shine thorough. As a blogger who is very passionate myself,  i really appreciate when a brand is similarly as passionate. It can really make a difference to wether i want to work with a brand or not! I love to also see a roomful of like minded bloggers, even though on this occassion i never saw any of the bloggers i know of ( i think maybe it was just so busy!).

The location was DSTRKT, Piccadilly and the time was 2pm sharp -ish . I had never been to DSTRKT before but had heard so much about it so i was really excited to visit the location and see what it was all about. Inside it was really chic and modern, a real good pick for a blogger event!

What was different in this event to others that i have been was the games they had set out for us bloggers. There was games where we had to try and draw a face blind folded, guess how many lip products was in one bag, also like an easter egg hunt to win a prize! I think that was such a wonderful touch!

The brands -

There was a nice variety of brands , from beauty to drinks, food and fashion. Here are some more photos and down below i will link some of the brands :)

Food & Drink

Beauty & Fashion 

and more!

The brands that stood out to me was Vatika Naturals - not only was the woman i spoke to so passionate and lovely but also very informative and i cannot wait to try out the hair care products! 

Selfie tan - i love a good tan and it is always nice to once in a while try a new tan to see how they apply and if they work better than the current one you are using. The packaging really caught my eye, not your usual girly pink!

So...? With attitude - the perfume and body sprays of my teenage years! Not only are they nostalgic to me but they do smell gorgeous! 

Check out my instagram and twitter for more photos and thoughts on the event
@ justsarahxoxo_ 

Did you go to the event? If you did how did you find it and what was your favourite brand?



Wednesday, 15 June 2016

#RECIPE | Acai berry pancakes with pink lady apples

I think once in a blue moon it is nice to treat yourself to a slap up breakfast, no i dont mean the full english breakfast type! Just a dish that takes a little more thought and has that added love when being made. So i came up with the perfect recipe (if i do say so myself) when Pink Lady Apples contacted me and was interested in a collab! I had a look through their recipe lookbook and was pleasantly suprised to find out there was soooo much you can pair these apples with! Take a look for yourself , HERE. There is something for everyone with sweet and savoury dishes.

I wanted to add something a little different to this dish so i have decided to use some acai berry powder which is a superfood and you can read more about that in my previous post if you would like.
Anyway, lets get on with the recipe :)) 

What you will need - 

Acai berry powder
Pink Lady Apples
Baking powder  

For toppings -
Greek Yoghurt

 Mix up your flour, eggs, milk , bkaing powder and acai berry powder in to a jug. Make sure that the heat on your pan is up high so that the pancake will cook all the way through. The last thing we want is soggy pancakes :')

Pour it on to the heat and then flip over when one side is done. Then just repeat the step until you have 4 pancakes!

In the above photo i put some of the apple pieces like that so that i could stack my pancake and give it some oomf. Also it makes it taste nice.

Add a drizzle of lemon, a whole heap of honey (if you are sweet tooth like me) and dash of yoghurt and then add your berries and apple pieces on the side! 

It's nice to also make a cup of tea and use a hollowed out apple as the cup! Apple insufed or what?! MMM
 Voila! Here it is! The acai powder also gives the pancake a pinky/purple colour ( and berry flavour ) on the inside which makes it all the more delightful to eat :) mmmm!

oops, do excuse my half eaten pancake :)

I love how the pink ladies add such a crisp and refreshing feeling the dish and how we can all eat out honey drizzled pancaked without feeling guilty as we have the right amount of fruit!

What would you add your pink lady apples too?

Check out the recipes and let me know