Sunday, 16 October 2016

#BEAUTY | Hair care range from #naturalworld

Can you imagine how happy my hair was when i got to review this nourishing hair care range from Natural World ??! First of all i would say you must visit the site as there is basically a range for every hair type and you can take a very simple and quick quiz to find out what range will suit you best!

So i took the quiz and this macadamia oil range was what my answer came out as! I wanted smooth sleek hair and a bit of oomph added back in to my hair as it has very dry ends. I got sent the range to try out and i want to let you all know how i got on :)

Of course you can buy them seperatly but as a whole range you get-
#Hair mask
#Hair treatment oil

Im not a big hair mask gal, as i rarely get time to leave the product on my hair for a long time so the treatment oil is so right for me!I have used the hair mask on the ends of my hair when they felt very dry and the mask did what it said it would!
The shampoo and conditioner are a really great sister set and create smooth, frizz less hair. The bottles are also a decent size and last a long time, which is important as i go through it like nothing...thanks thick hair!

My fave from the set is for sure the treatment oil, i put a few drops on my hand and rub them together (they are so soft after doing this!) and run it through my hair after i have finished washing it and it is slightly damp. But i also run it through my hair when i feel like it is a bit frizzy when its dry and it does wonders :) it gives you smooth and soft hair which doesnt frizz up and look messy. The range really does add the nourishment back into your hair from the roots to the tips.

All in all i am impressed with this range and im thinking i should try some other bits from the other ranges that natural world have too. I also think its a perfect set to give as a present for someone.

Would you try out this range? or would you pick a different one?
have a look on the website here
and let me know :)


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

#BEAUTY | Beverly Hills Formula Toothpaste w/ activated charcoal

I have been secretly using this Beverly hills formula toothpaste which is called perfect white for a  while now, so its time for me to share my thoughts on it!

As you may be aware it is actually a black coloured toothpaste! i know right, how cool is that! Although the first time i saw it i was slightly scared to use it as i have never used any dark coloured toothpastes before. So i was sitting there thinking
"is this going to stain my teeth?"
(of course it didnt)
haha, the reason it is black is because it has activated charcoal in.

Im sure you remember the latest craze of people buying elmers PVA glue and activated charcoal and making face masks that really pull the dirt from the pores?! Well now its in toothpaste!..not the glue...just the charcoal ;)

So it is pretty much jet black in colour, but when applied to the teeth it is more a greyish colour, the more you brush the more you notice it and it also has a minty flavour which did suprise me...i mean i dont know what i was expecting...

The activated charcoal has lots of benefits, the main one being a whitening benefit. It's super great for heavy tea, coffee or wine drinkers. I cant say i have noticed a huuuuge difference in the whiteness of my teeth but i do believe it has helped to reduce stains/keep them at bay! 

Even if it doesnt work for you, you cant go wrong with black toothpaste!! It's just so cool :)