Wednesday, 14 December 2016

#REVIEW | Mini Moderns diffuser

Something a little different from makeup and skincare products on my blog! Although its different it isnt loved any less, i give you the Whitby diffuser from Mini Moderns. Mini Moderns is an interior brand and has a wide range of products from candles to washbags, cushions, wallpaper and much more. It kind of reminds me a little of the brand Sass and Belle as you can see clearly what the theme is and can determine if its for you or not. 

I have had a browse on the site and i must say i do love a lot of the pieces on there. It really gives you a feel that your supporting a local business which is unique and homley rather than mass production products.

I really love the Whitby collection, which is what this diffuser is from and i was blessed enough to have been sent it! 
So i know that Whitby is in Yorkshire but i cant help feeling nostalgic about Brighton when i look at this diffuser :) i hope by now you all know that i have this thing with Brighton and go there any chance i get and there is a high possibility i will move there sometime in the future. So the fact that this is a seaside inspired piece really spoke to me.

The scent is called sea spray and is a very strong smelling scent, just what  i need in my diffuser. It has filled my room with gorgeousness already! Im a huge fan of diffusers and i think they are an amazing idea for a gift.

I also figured that when the scent has run out (it lasts for 3 months) i can still use the glass, as i love love love the sea side design :)

Checkout the rest of the range here :



#BEAUTY | Christmas gift guide for women

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly, sha a la la la la laaaa" 
Its that time of year again where you go shopping to buy for others yet end up coming home with new makeup and clothes for yourself! I know you are as guilty as me haha. So to try, and i say try very lightly because i have basically made a gift guide for a blogger and myself ..but to try and help you buy a few gifts for those special ladies in your life i have created a gift guide.
Whether it be your mum, sister, aunt ,gf or BFF..i hope to at least inspire you a little with my ideas :)

90% of people own a phone, so there is always an idea to buy a phone case. I personally would be very happy with a new snazzy phone case as i am an addict. My favourite brand is Skinny Dip London, i cant explain how much i want ALL the phone cases on the site, its not even a joke. There is something for everyone on there!! I think i had this idea on my gift guide last year also!

Xmas parties galore! New years parties galore!
 If there was ever a time for glam and nail varnish its now! Again with this type of gift it can suit everyone because it just depends on the colour they prefer.. i have used Barry M varnishes forever and i love the colour range they do and also the staying power.

YASSSS... my favourite subject. Makeup!! Bring on the glitter smokey eyes, the contour and highlight BUT at the end of the night it all has to come off, as sad as that is after the masterpiece that has been created! Instead of burning your face with those hellish baby wipes, give the gift of a makeup up remover just like this one from Nouveau Lashes, it is sooooo much softer on the skin and removes every trace of panda eyes!

p.s. dont forget those brows, a brilliant stocking filler the lash
 and brow conditioning serum is a must have!
I think the hardest gift to get someone is perfume, if you do not know their favourite scent then i would steer clear because you could be in for big disappointment! If you have been asked or picked up on hints for their favourite perfume then go for it, cos i am always grateful to accept perfume as a gift.
Something a bit more personalised now, if you know your gift reciever has a charm bracelet i think it is so nice to buy a charm that means something to you both. It is always nice to get something that is kind of like a secret between 2 people and means a lot more than just opening up a gift. Pandora also do beautiful rings and necklaces.

Happy buying :)


Friday, 9 December 2016

#ANIMAL | Christmas treats for your pooch

Tis' the season to spoil your pooch! Of course i have other bits wrapped up for this cutie but here are a few bits i just HAD to share as the love he had for them needed to be known.

One of my fave online destinations to pick up things for him is 
They have a wide range of items from food to pet beds :) so what did i get?

First of all he needs some Natures Menu - Country hunter will do just fine. With a blend of blueberry and venison this gluten and grain free wet food has all the goodness he needs.

For a snack Pet Munchies -chicken breasts fillets, as chicken is his favourite! These ones keep him busy and quiet for a while as they are a hard texture and he can sit there as long as he wants and bite them up into little pieces..

Simba's final treat is a bag of Huntlands - Turkey flavour , he really munched these ones up! The bag will last him a while as it is a 2kg bag, its actually on sale now for £8.99...such a good price. As the food is natural and grain free i feel a lot more happier about him eating it rather than if i bought a lot of the supermarket based foods which have tonnes of additives in them. Im just glad he loves them!

The foods are great for everyday, seasonal use but maybe you can buy certain items as a christmas gift if for example you are looking to change your pets diet slowly or even to just try out some new brands and flavours.

He really is a spoilt pup this christmas!


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

#BEAUTY | A hair care range for dandruff sufferers

So, i have been trying the "care taker" range from noughty hair care which is specifically for sensitive scalps and also targets dandruff sufferers like myself. For those of us who do suffer with dandruff we know how irritating it is. Not only is it non stop itching grrrrrrrr but we have to deal with the snowflake look...self-explanitary right? also if you have darker hair like me it makes is much more noticable. 

So, why is this different to ant other range you ask? what about head and shoulders? or those medicated shampoo?

well, unlike those medicated shampoos you  can also get, this range actually smells divine due to the ingredients. (also how PRETTY is the design of the bottles <3)

 The shampoo has oat extract in the ingredients which i know from experience is super good for dry skin, yet i have not until now tried it on my scalp. It does have an oaty smell which i looooove and lathers up in the hair real nice.

The conditioner has extracts of olive oil which is great for nourishment and softness, what more could you ask for in a conditioner?!

I have been using this for a few weeks now and i am totally impressed with the results, my head is genuinley a lot less itchy...i feel like the other hair care ranges that i have used in the past may have had chemicals in them that irritated my scalp. I always seem to come to the conclusion that any hair care range that contains natural ingredients are so much gentler on my scalp and hair.

I also think they are worth the money, they will be a bit more expensive than most hair care ranges but its worth it if it sorts out your itchy scalp and dandruff problem!

Side note : how amazing is it that they dont test on animals like bambi, lassie or skippy. hehe, i lovethat attention to detail and that it is a vegan, non- animal testing product.

Let this range take care of your sensitive scalp and help nourish your hair too! Im intrested to also try some of the other ranges and see what benefits they will bring to my hair.

They are avaliable to purchase at Superdrug :)


Wednesday, 9 November 2016

#MAKEUP | My base makeup favourites // High Street

Like most of my posts, i was meant to write them months ago *gulps* this one in particular has been in my drafts for over 3 months!!! SAY WHAT?! i know, im so ashamed myself...but lets focus on the positives...i have been using these products for over 3 months and can give you firm and truthful reviews on them :) 

None of these items have been gifted, all have been bought with my own money albeit months ago and most of these purchases were made on blogger recommendations!

I am THE worst at colour matching my skin and getting the correct colour foundation hence why i dont wear it much as im either super pale or Donald Trump orange ....oh gosh .. please NO lets not talk about DT - the new president of America *exits 2016*..

I picked up the Maybelline FIT me foundation in shade 120 for normal to oily skin, with a matte finish. The shade actually isnt too bad but i still feel it has a slight orangey undertone. As consistency goes it is easy to apply and blend out, i use a brush to buff it in and then i blend it out more with a beauty blender.
It does last for a good few hours but i wouldnt say the coverage is full, i would say more medium to full. But i do love that it doesnt feel heavy on my skin.

I also have pictured the Maybelline super stay 24 hours setting spray of which when i first got it i was really impressed, as on the high street i find it hard to cocme by setting sprays BUT recently when i have been using it i realised it sometimes leaves a light white powdery residue on the skin....maybe i didnt shake the bottle hard sure i have been now i have mixed feelings about it :(
The Maybelline FIT me concealer has been compared to the blogger favourite NARS creamy concealer so many times and it is true that it is a really good dupe for it. It is my go to concealer and i really love the consistency and the colour. It blends really well and doesnt make the pores look big!

I didnt realise all of these products were Maybelline haha! Again this concealer is a blogger favourite and i also hold it in high esteem. I like the colour again and also the consistency of this, its a bit more thicker than the Fit me concealer and i use it a lot for my under eye concealer and under my brows to clean up my brows if i fill them in. I dont know if im so in love with the little sponge applicator though!

A few colour and consistency swatches shown here.

Have you used any of these products?

Sunday, 6 November 2016

#BEAUTY | My #BROWgame secret

If you dont see at least 5 brows that you wish you had whist scrolling through instagram once a day then what even are your brow goals *cries*
Brow envy has literally gone through the roof since the brow product game changed, and although i do love those perfect brows that you see everrrryy girl on instagram has, i dont much fancy being part of that group and being so identical to everyone else. 

I much prefer a messy Gigi Hadid brow. So how i achieve those brows is pretty straight forward.
This not-so secret product from Nouveau Lashes is what i use. It is a lash and brow conditioning serum so you can also achieve a more fuller looking lash look by using it on your lashes too!

I simply brush through my brows with a spooly, apply a little bit of brow pencil (not always) and then use this product and brush my brow hairs upwards to create that messy look. I also love the messy look because you have an excuse not to pluck your brows #lazygang #notimegang

You can keep this little bad boy in your bag and keep applying it a few times a day because it also helps to nourish the brow hairs! 

You can purchase it here : 

How do you have your brows?!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

#BEAUTY | Hair care range from #naturalworld

Can you imagine how happy my hair was when i got to review this nourishing hair care range from Natural World ??! First of all i would say you must visit the site as there is basically a range for every hair type and you can take a very simple and quick quiz to find out what range will suit you best!

So i took the quiz and this macadamia oil range was what my answer came out as! I wanted smooth sleek hair and a bit of oomph added back in to my hair as it has very dry ends. I got sent the range to try out and i want to let you all know how i got on :)

Of course you can buy them seperatly but as a whole range you get-
#Hair mask
#Hair treatment oil

Im not a big hair mask gal, as i rarely get time to leave the product on my hair for a long time so the treatment oil is so right for me!I have used the hair mask on the ends of my hair when they felt very dry and the mask did what it said it would!
The shampoo and conditioner are a really great sister set and create smooth, frizz less hair. The bottles are also a decent size and last a long time, which is important as i go through it like nothing...thanks thick hair!

My fave from the set is for sure the treatment oil, i put a few drops on my hand and rub them together (they are so soft after doing this!) and run it through my hair after i have finished washing it and it is slightly damp. But i also run it through my hair when i feel like it is a bit frizzy when its dry and it does wonders :) it gives you smooth and soft hair which doesnt frizz up and look messy. The range really does add the nourishment back into your hair from the roots to the tips.

All in all i am impressed with this range and im thinking i should try some other bits from the other ranges that natural world have too. I also think its a perfect set to give as a present for someone.

Would you try out this range? or would you pick a different one?
have a look on the website here
and let me know :)


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

#BEAUTY | Beverly Hills Formula Toothpaste w/ activated charcoal

I have been secretly using this Beverly hills formula toothpaste which is called perfect white for a  while now, so its time for me to share my thoughts on it!

As you may be aware it is actually a black coloured toothpaste! i know right, how cool is that! Although the first time i saw it i was slightly scared to use it as i have never used any dark coloured toothpastes before. So i was sitting there thinking
"is this going to stain my teeth?"
(of course it didnt)
haha, the reason it is black is because it has activated charcoal in.

Im sure you remember the latest craze of people buying elmers PVA glue and activated charcoal and making face masks that really pull the dirt from the pores?! Well now its in toothpaste!..not the glue...just the charcoal ;)

So it is pretty much jet black in colour, but when applied to the teeth it is more a greyish colour, the more you brush the more you notice it and it also has a minty flavour which did suprise me...i mean i dont know what i was expecting...

The activated charcoal has lots of benefits, the main one being a whitening benefit. It's super great for heavy tea, coffee or wine drinkers. I cant say i have noticed a huuuuge difference in the whiteness of my teeth but i do believe it has helped to reduce stains/keep them at bay! 

Even if it doesnt work for you, you cant go wrong with black toothpaste!! It's just so cool :)


Monday, 26 September 2016

#BEAUTY | Nouvaeu Lashes #LASHGANG

Im officially a #Lashgang member! WOO :) So Nouveau Lashes was lovely enough to send me some beautifully packaged products to try! As if the packaging isnt pretty enough the quality of the products are amazing. I decided to delay this post so that i could try the products out for a good few weeks and that i have! 


For the days that i dont wear mascara this little serum kinda saves my whole entire life haha it says to use twice a day, which i have been doing and tbh i wasnt sure if it would do anything for my lashes but i was suprised when i noticed that my lashes looked more curly and defined, im not gonna say they have doubled in thickness or grown in length but it does kinda give that impression in just a more effortless way. I actually tend to put this on before i wear my mascara as well, i let it dry and then pop on a light layer of mascara and it looks fab! It also adds great nourishment to my lashes. elegant and pretty...STYLES ....tick.....i love style 2 so much! but i dont want to offend the other styles cos i do love them too :) the bands are very comfy and sit on the eye very well. They all include a little bottle of glue, of which i also have the big tube you can buy. It is an amazing glue! Lasts all day long, just what you need in an eyelash glue.

Im particularly obsessed with the eye makeup remover. I normally use micellar water when im not feeling lazy, but when i am lazy i end up using baby wipes *eep* the worst thing ever to use, cue stinging panda eyes. Anyway i have been using this everytime now to wipe off all my makeup. It is so cooling and gentle on my eyes i cant imagine using any other product, it removes stubborn mascara and liner. Also i think the bottle is amazing, i have never seen a makeup remover bottle like this before with the push down top!

Shop the lash goodness here :


Thursday, 22 September 2016

#OOTD | Ripped Jeans X Creepers

An #OOTD with a very different photography style than i have ever done before! Different angles and editing...let me know what you think?! I also decided to only pick a few photos rather than making it such a photo heavy post. I know its been a long time since i have posted an outift but adulting has never been easy, even more so that i have a full time job now *screams* where will i ever find the time?!!?! That leads me on to asking, would you be interested in blog posts about blogging and working full time?

This outift by the way is something i quickly threw together with the idea of autumn/summer/typical british weather in mind. Its sunny, oh no its raining...freezing....boiling! PHEW...
you cant really go wrong with jeans, especially ripped jeans.. i bought these from boohoo recently because i didnt own any! I love a pair of black jeans and boohoo jeans tend to be comfy.
The top i picked up in store at H&M, it was a good price at something like £7.99, but i was there considering what colour to pick for a long time haha they had a lovely dusty green colour which i now wish i bought as it will go perfect with my creepers! 

Khaki Creepers! Cant go wrong with them. Perfect shoes for long walks in the dewy, autumny days but also perfect for dressing up an outfit. I was a bit late on the craze of creepers, but hey thats me! 

Shop the look :
Creepers - LAMODA
Jeans (similar) - BOOHOO
Top - H&M