Wednesday, 9 November 2016

#MAKEUP | My base makeup favourites // High Street

Like most of my posts, i was meant to write them months ago *gulps* this one in particular has been in my drafts for over 3 months!!! SAY WHAT?! i know, im so ashamed myself...but lets focus on the positives...i have been using these products for over 3 months and can give you firm and truthful reviews on them :) 

None of these items have been gifted, all have been bought with my own money albeit months ago and most of these purchases were made on blogger recommendations!

I am THE worst at colour matching my skin and getting the correct colour foundation hence why i dont wear it much as im either super pale or Donald Trump orange ....oh gosh .. please NO lets not talk about DT - the new president of America *exits 2016*..

I picked up the Maybelline FIT me foundation in shade 120 for normal to oily skin, with a matte finish. The shade actually isnt too bad but i still feel it has a slight orangey undertone. As consistency goes it is easy to apply and blend out, i use a brush to buff it in and then i blend it out more with a beauty blender.
It does last for a good few hours but i wouldnt say the coverage is full, i would say more medium to full. But i do love that it doesnt feel heavy on my skin.

I also have pictured the Maybelline super stay 24 hours setting spray of which when i first got it i was really impressed, as on the high street i find it hard to cocme by setting sprays BUT recently when i have been using it i realised it sometimes leaves a light white powdery residue on the skin....maybe i didnt shake the bottle hard sure i have been now i have mixed feelings about it :(
The Maybelline FIT me concealer has been compared to the blogger favourite NARS creamy concealer so many times and it is true that it is a really good dupe for it. It is my go to concealer and i really love the consistency and the colour. It blends really well and doesnt make the pores look big!

I didnt realise all of these products were Maybelline haha! Again this concealer is a blogger favourite and i also hold it in high esteem. I like the colour again and also the consistency of this, its a bit more thicker than the Fit me concealer and i use it a lot for my under eye concealer and under my brows to clean up my brows if i fill them in. I dont know if im so in love with the little sponge applicator though!

A few colour and consistency swatches shown here.

Have you used any of these products?

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