Monday, 29 August 2016

#FASHION | Out with the old & in with the new - donating & thrifting

There certainly comes a time when my whole wardrobe needs an overhaul and im sure you feel the same too, some of us like to change with the seasons and some of us like to clear out ill-fitting, "non trendy" clothes every few months (guilty!) with the donating of old clothes comes the replacing :) i dont like to toot my own horn but i am an expert shopper (i could totally do that as a full time job, whos with me?!) but my special skill is thrifting! 

I love nothing more than snooping around charity shops finding the most perfect bargain, the most perfect way to relax my mind and soul.

A few months ago i actually did a big big de-cluttering process, i think at the time my mind was so cluttered - more so than my wardrobe, and as i couldnt shift it out of my mind at the time i did so with my clothes.
I find the process of sorting out items that i know im going to donate very enjoyable and clarifying! I love how donating something that is old or not stylish to me is like a treasure to someone else! But we must remember a few things about what we are donating

 My top tips for donating -

#DON'T donate items that are ripped, (unless its from Kanye's line) 
moth eaten or holey....or has stains on it..or dribble on

#DO wash your clothes before you donate or at least 
make sure they are 80% clean and smelling nice
(i have volunteered in a charity shop before
and believe me, ive seen thing..)

#DON'T get sentimental - if you are not going to wear it someone else
will, don't hold them back from rocking something you wont!

#DO ask your family members if they want to donate some 
items too, the more clothes the better :)

I got rid of a lot clothes i told myself i was going to wear but i never did, i had a few items that i seriously loved but they just didnt fit...they were brand new items so you can imagine it was harder for me to give those babies away without even handling them myself first!!

It's always a fairy tale ending though because i have found some out of this world items from thrifting, and i sit there and thank each and every person who has donating that piece to the shop. I love imagining what the rest of that persons style is like ...
i have found Victoria Beckham jeans before and they come with a hefty
price tag in the shops, i also found this dress which i simply adore

Get rid of your old stuff and use it as an excuse to buy some new old stuff...



Saturday, 20 August 2016

#BEAUTY | My Perfect Pout lip enhancer

Get your pout on with this my perfect pout lip plumper! Firstly how cute, the xo on the product?!It's so fitting to me, being JUST SARAH XOXO after all! If you are looking for a more plump lip ready for some beautiful lipstick or gloss to pop on a night out then i suggest using this! It basically plumps the lips due to the fact of there being suction. It is pain free and non permanent

I just put a bit of vaseline on my lips and the product and then just fit the plumper over my lips and leave it there for a few minutes.
The shape i have is the small oval shape which i thought would be too small as my lips are quite large anyway but it actually seemed to work better! I have used one other brand of lip plumper before but compared to this one the results were better with this perfect pout! 

If youre not one for botox or anything permanent then this is another reason why you should give this a go! 

You can purchase them at selected Debenhams stores at Archangelz counters 

You can also find them on twitter to find out a little more 
about the lip plumper. 


#MAKEUP | Morphe eyeshadow palette - bronze/taupe shades w/ SWATCHES

A bit of a makeup steal here - i bought these 2 little items from the brand Morphe via and i just had to share!
The shadows have me written all over them, i only tend to wear bronze/taupe/plum colours so this whole palette is life!

It is so cheap for what it is ( like £12 - i think?) AND i realised how perfect it is for travelling, i actually dont have a small palette with all the colours i want when i travel.
It was a lot smaller than i thought but im not complaining!

I swatched mostly the bottom half colours, there are a few shimmer and mostly matt shades - a great mix. Im not too sure on the pigmentation, i dont think they are that pigmented (maybe i just dont pile it on enough ) so it takes a couple of swipes on the lid for some ofthe lighter colours to appear but as blending goes they are swell!

The brush is the morphe liner brush, which i finally bought for applying gel liner! I find it so hard to apply gel liner with those triangle shapes brushes... pointed know what i mean. With this it really is a whole lot easier and it was only like £2.

what do you think of the morphe shadows?


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

#HEALTH | Get your mind focused w/ Teami Blends + Competition!

 I'm back with another tea! Before i even start to explain my love for the latest blend of tea from Teami, i want to link in here my first post i did on another blend of tea from the same brand. So if you would like to read that then click the link : Teami Blends Alive tea plus Promo code 

Not only is this an exciting post because im giving you my first ever thoughts on this blend but there is also a competition!!
I love nothing more than a cheeky comp but i love it even more when its for my readers! 

 If you fancy winning the very popular 30 day teatox then keep reading until the end when i shall let you know what YOU must do :'*
Whether you are a blogger, student, mummy or a hard worker then you will know how it feels to be so rushed of your feet and sometimes so brain dead haha! I find myself so absent minded when i have a lot of stuff to do..e.g. the blog posts are pilling, work hours are never ending, my bedroom is a state...its like there is always something to do! So instead of grabbing an energy drink or even a fizzy drink to help with a little extra energy and focus ,try grabbing a tea!

I actually think the likes of red bull and coca cola do not even help in this situation lol if i drink those things i either get hyper and focus less or just feel lazy! (its the sugar!)

This tea i have found does not do this so its more of a yoga retreat for your mind, calming with all the clarity needed. There is no crashes like with coffee or anything high in sugar so thats such a bonus.

The taste is not that strong, its got a peppermint undertone but to me i couldnt really taste it and i brewed my teabag for a long time!
 I didnt add any honey or sugar and it was still nice, which is a big big step for me 
Yay, go me! :)

The packaging is so cute cos it has little science-y feels all over it hehe and a quote from Albert Einstein (before you rip it open at the top, oops didnt take a photo of it! Sarreyy) 

if your looking for a little motivation and focus then do try this tea, its only £19.99 for 20 teabags
here - use code JSARAH10 for money off!


If you have skipped the whole post to just read how to enter the competition then...shame on you!! haha im kidding - so what do you have to do?

A few simple steps

1. Follow me on twitter my handle is @ justsarahxoxo_
or click the link

2. Follow Teami Blends on twitter

3. Tag 3 of your friends/blogger pals/ someone you think will love the prize 
on my pinned tweet and RT it!

As simple as that and you could have a 30 day detox tea in your grasp!
Please do share this post and RT the tweet to share the 
TEAmi love



Friday, 12 August 2016

#OOTD | Satin blue..

YAY! An outfit post, my fave kind but also the hardest kind. Getting the right photo and all the editing is a very challenging process, i know you regular fashion bloggers will agree! Its super fun though cos you get to pretend to be a model >.<

It has been such a long time since i done an #OOTD just because time is ever so thin in the life of Sarah, but i had to snap up this outfit and share with you my new fave blouse.
You may be wondering why i am holding some very bizarre poses but its all for your benefit...i promise! I wanted to show how well the satin material of this Hawes and Curtis shirt moves so fluidly with my body, its not tight at all around my arms which is a huge bonus for me because i genuinley cant wear anything thats tight around my arms cos i feel like i just want to rip it off!! haha.

I love the bow detail, it makes the shirt that bit more feminine and pretty. Great for work, interviews and even smart casual wear! The shirt comes in so may designs i chose a plain design but i love the deep blue colour so much , but now i think im going in to purchase something a bit more out there!
What are your thoughts on the shirt? What events would you wear it too?

Im not goingto lie i was going to team the outfit with some heels but then i thought i would rather be realistic, as i had a work/interview idea in mind when i planned this outfit and lets face it most of us dont wear heels to work.

You can shop the shirt at :

Trousers - NewLook
Shoes - ShoeZone


**This is a PR sample but all views are honest and my own**

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

#MAKEUP | A get - up - and - go (VEGAN) bronzer

I. Want. It. All.
Thats will probably be your words too after you view the Dusty Girls site. Sorry in advance ;)
I got sent this bronzer by the dusty girls makeup team and i am glad i got to check it out! 
It warms my heart more than anything to be able to discover a brand that i want to recommend to my readers! 

Thats why bloggers are so great and i love reading blogs because brands you may never of even heard of get a little exposure! I cant say i have a bronzer like this already in my makeup collection and it is...rather large!

A few swatches just so you can see the colour on skin. It glides on real smooth and blends out well.

it is SOOOO pigmented!
a little goes a long way for sure.

For me it is a get up and go bronzer because it is like a blush, bronzer and highlighter all in one.
pop it on and you will look sunkissed and ready for the world!

It does have some shimmer in it and is very tan/orangey in its tone. So it gives you the perfect sun kissed bronze look with cheeks that appear to have orange blush too.
I wouldnt advise putting it on the temples or elsewhere, just to the apples of the cheeks.

Use a little bit and then build it up!
No chemicals ladies! It is all natural and vegan which means our skin will be a lot less agitated and a lot more healthier :)
I also got a kabuki brush to help with the application which i felt was a little bit too big to dip in with the product, so what i did was use a smaller brush to apply it and then use this brush to blend it out. Very very workable bristles that feel super smooth and blends out perfectly.

I think it will be great to take on holidays cos of the size.

To shop or view the listed above visit :



Friday, 5 August 2016

#REVIEW | Barkbeats sub box for your pooch!

You've heard of beauty subscription boxes like glossybox, lookfantastic box, birchbox, hell theres even a subscripton box for your period month! But i never thought i would come across a subscription box for your pooch. At first i was like , really? but when i thought about it again i was kicking myself that i didnt think of the idea first haha.

Lets face it we all love and adore our pets like a family member and its so nice to be able to treat someone you care so much about rather than always treating yourself to a beauty box. Im not saying you cant have 2 subscription boxes arriving at your door ..but the postman will hate you haha

So whats in your BarkBeats sub box?
- Toys
-Grooming products
a lotta love!

I discovered so many products in the box that i wouldnt of normally and one thing that i have actually meant to of bought a long time ago!

If you follow my blog or my social media you will know i am a frequent day trip-per to the coast, parks, fields and so on and especially those warm summer days its nice to bring Simba along, but i always worry about him getting hungry or needing water - hence i need a bowl. 
This little blue flexible bowl is just magical, it can fit in my bag/ the car and just fold out at the most convenient times!

The highlight of the box was probably this toy, bless him, he wouldnt leave it alone as soon as i showed it to him!

A few other bits included a doggie ice lolly (how cute?!), a scrummy ham bone, and herbal tea! Dogs are now jumping on that herbal tea bandwagon haha...

There are a bit of variety in the boxes depending on the size of your dog, Simba is a medium dog so his toys are gonna be a bit different to that of a smaller dog.
The box is tailored a bit more to your pooch that way! This box was the June box, you can visit the site to have a sneak peek of previous boxes
Also 10% of the profits go to animal charities! If thats not a reason to at least try out the box for your pooch then what is!?