Friday, 5 August 2016

#REVIEW | Barkbeats sub box for your pooch!

You've heard of beauty subscription boxes like glossybox, lookfantastic box, birchbox, hell theres even a subscripton box for your period month! But i never thought i would come across a subscription box for your pooch. At first i was like , really? but when i thought about it again i was kicking myself that i didnt think of the idea first haha.

Lets face it we all love and adore our pets like a family member and its so nice to be able to treat someone you care so much about rather than always treating yourself to a beauty box. Im not saying you cant have 2 subscription boxes arriving at your door ..but the postman will hate you haha

So whats in your BarkBeats sub box?
- Toys
-Grooming products
a lotta love!

I discovered so many products in the box that i wouldnt of normally and one thing that i have actually meant to of bought a long time ago!

If you follow my blog or my social media you will know i am a frequent day trip-per to the coast, parks, fields and so on and especially those warm summer days its nice to bring Simba along, but i always worry about him getting hungry or needing water - hence i need a bowl. 
This little blue flexible bowl is just magical, it can fit in my bag/ the car and just fold out at the most convenient times!

The highlight of the box was probably this toy, bless him, he wouldnt leave it alone as soon as i showed it to him!

A few other bits included a doggie ice lolly (how cute?!), a scrummy ham bone, and herbal tea! Dogs are now jumping on that herbal tea bandwagon haha...

There are a bit of variety in the boxes depending on the size of your dog, Simba is a medium dog so his toys are gonna be a bit different to that of a smaller dog.
The box is tailored a bit more to your pooch that way! This box was the June box, you can visit the site to have a sneak peek of previous boxes
Also 10% of the profits go to animal charities! If thats not a reason to at least try out the box for your pooch then what is!?



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