Saturday, 20 August 2016

#MAKEUP | Morphe eyeshadow palette - bronze/taupe shades w/ SWATCHES

A bit of a makeup steal here - i bought these 2 little items from the brand Morphe via and i just had to share!
The shadows have me written all over them, i only tend to wear bronze/taupe/plum colours so this whole palette is life!

It is so cheap for what it is ( like £12 - i think?) AND i realised how perfect it is for travelling, i actually dont have a small palette with all the colours i want when i travel.
It was a lot smaller than i thought but im not complaining!

I swatched mostly the bottom half colours, there are a few shimmer and mostly matt shades - a great mix. Im not too sure on the pigmentation, i dont think they are that pigmented (maybe i just dont pile it on enough ) so it takes a couple of swipes on the lid for some ofthe lighter colours to appear but as blending goes they are swell!

The brush is the morphe liner brush, which i finally bought for applying gel liner! I find it so hard to apply gel liner with those triangle shapes brushes... pointed know what i mean. With this it really is a whole lot easier and it was only like £2.

what do you think of the morphe shadows?


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