Saturday, 20 August 2016

#BEAUTY | My Perfect Pout lip enhancer

Get your pout on with this my perfect pout lip plumper! Firstly how cute, the xo on the product?!It's so fitting to me, being JUST SARAH XOXO after all! If you are looking for a more plump lip ready for some beautiful lipstick or gloss to pop on a night out then i suggest using this! It basically plumps the lips due to the fact of there being suction. It is pain free and non permanent

I just put a bit of vaseline on my lips and the product and then just fit the plumper over my lips and leave it there for a few minutes.
The shape i have is the small oval shape which i thought would be too small as my lips are quite large anyway but it actually seemed to work better! I have used one other brand of lip plumper before but compared to this one the results were better with this perfect pout! 

If youre not one for botox or anything permanent then this is another reason why you should give this a go! 

You can purchase them at selected Debenhams stores at Archangelz counters 

You can also find them on twitter to find out a little more 
about the lip plumper. 


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