Thursday, 26 March 2015

Primark Holiday Haul

This week i have been MIA!! I have been super busy sorting out my upcoming holiday to Rome......EEKK! Which im super super excited about and the whole purpose for my trip to Primark. But even before i get started on Rome im going to Brighton again this weekend! So i have been booking hotels and tickets for that.....oh and it doesnt end there i have now bought a Vet Assistant Course from Groupon which i have to keep on top of doing my modules! So fitting in my posts around that and work and life in general has been manic. 
So here i am now, i mean i was going to do a video on this but as you may of grasped i was short of time.

Pictures will follow. All in all i had a successful shop, with bits i needed and also some juicy bargains.

OK so my perfect has a handle to hold and a strap when my arm starts to ache (duh, cos girls carry so much in their bags) it has a little pocket at the front for things you just need to be able to grab quicktime, say for example your oyster card. The two zipped other sides are so roomy for all things to fit & the material of the bag is waterproof and so purrrrty. Slight downside is the zips can be a bit sticky and not want to close but im hoping with time they will loosen up!

Stripes and ribbed tops are my all time fave so for £4/5 each i picked up these 2, the white one has a bit of a roll neck going on which is also a hit with me so i will enjoy wearing these in Rome.

This cover up (which i dont think the photo does it justice) is pretty and beaded and has an aztec feel, great for keeping covered in the sun!

Yes, i am aware im going Rome and nor Paris but hey, it is cute right?

I did get another grunge style crop top but my uploading speed is so shocking i cannot wait any longer!!!! That, and my hair is turning grey! 

Pop down to your local Primark anyhow to see what great things they have in store!

I did get some cargo pants which was £7 down to 3 and didnt realise until i was at the till and my face was like a chesire cat ...and a top from £6 to £3!

**all my own opinion, not sponsored**



Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Fulllips lip enhancer | Kylie Jenner look

The little red pot that makes your lips as pouty as Kylie Jenners!
The magic that is Fulllips!

As the lips are inspired by the ever so beautiful Kylie J i thought i would do a look that is similar of her. The extensions, lip liner, lashes and eye makeup...oh and that contour.

I've been using my medium oval fulllips for a week or so now and as the days go by i am getting better and longer lasting results! I know a lot of people have questions about how long it lasts and does it hurt etc so id like to cover them personally here.

For starters i does not hurt at all, there is not really a bruising stage as with suction it is tight on the skin so it will leave a red mark of which will disappear within seconds.
(being such a hyprochondriac i would never use anything that causes me any pain!)

I have quite full lips anyway so the resuts for me a probably not as noticable with the medium oval size as it is for others who have thinner lips. It lasts for just about 2 hours, which has been increasing since i first used it. So the more you use it the more it will develop and work for you.

I put a tiny bit of moisturiser on my lips and around the pot just for a better suction 

 Contour palette - Amazon - Check my previous posts 
Lahes - Katy Perry Lolita stacked with Ardell Wispies
Lip Liner - Collection in Shade 1 nude pink
Gel liner - 17 gel liner 
Extensions - Amazon



Thursday, 12 March 2015

6 palette contour foundation - Anastasia Beverley Hills dupe

Anastasia Beverley Hills is a brand we do not stop hearing about these days....right? Im always looking for dupes of popular items to review so when i found this ♥ palette ♥ as a dupe for the Anastasia BH contour one i clicked the buy button! From my ever so frequent friend Amazon @ a fab price of £4.85 !!! Jaw droppingly good huh.

I was very pleased with the pigments and how well they cover the face, it has given me such a flawless finish. I think i may be buying a load of these as im not sure how much powder you actually get, i feel like it isnt as much as i need...but at £4 a pop im sold! If you would like to try it out yourself follow the link and have a look :-)

The only other face (excluding eyes etc) make up im wearing is my W7 photoshoot foundation and the coverage of that is medium and isnt cakey. 

 Another succesful dupe :-) 



Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Groovy 60's make up

 H E L LO!!

So guys i have done a 60's inspired makeup look which partly was inpired by Twiggy and Lana Del Rey. It is a lot more subtle than a 60's look should be as i wanted it to be wearable in the street :)

For my base i use GOSH CC foundation in porcelain or the lightest colour which i place more under the eyes and dry areas of my skin. Then i use my W7 photoshoot foundation to get more of a coverage! My sleek medium contour palette is used for my contour and highlight and as i was going for 60's i did my contour higher up to give me a look of higher cheekbones ( suck those chubby cheeks in!)...

EYES eyes eye....for the base of my lid it is a nude colour from my amazon palette  then in the crease i used a brown shadow just to define it and give it the depth then i layered to black shadow on top but trying to keep the line pretty thin and trace the lid. Bringing the end out into a little flick, adding my eyeko eyeliner and again just a little flick at the end, a black eye pencil from MUA for my water line which i smudge a little and then a white MUA pencil for the inner water line. Jet black mascara on the top and bottom lashes, the 60's to me was all about the lashes so it important to emphasis them and layer it up! The lashes i used were my Red Cherry Lashes in #WSP from
I filled my brows in with a matching eyeshadow.
The palette i used for my eyes is a dupe for Coastal Scents & the concealer i used that of Anastasia Beverley Hills.


My nude lips which is common of the 60's is MUA matte nude lipstick, you can apply gloss which is in theme of the groooovy 60's :-)

My dress is from New Look 

So i hope you like the overall look and would consider wearing this look out in the big wide world!


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Marilyn Monroe curl set

O L A ,

I'm not the luckiest girl when it comes to pin curling as i have dead straight, thick hair!! A nightmare for curling ...AHHH! So i did my pin curl set on dry hair with mouse and thickening product, normally i do it on wet hair but its so labourious for me as it takes agessss to dry. I did like how the set came out but the mousse i used left dandruff like flakes in my hair and made it a bit tangley >_<. Not what i set out for when i was going for smooth MM hair lol. For make up i used GOSH  foundation, drugstore blusher, eye liner, shadow and red cherry lashes in WSP. The lipstick was a browny tone from HEMA.