Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Fulllips lip enhancer | Kylie Jenner look

The little red pot that makes your lips as pouty as Kylie Jenners!
The magic that is Fulllips!

As the lips are inspired by the ever so beautiful Kylie J i thought i would do a look that is similar of her. The extensions, lip liner, lashes and eye makeup...oh and that contour.

I've been using my medium oval fulllips for a week or so now and as the days go by i am getting better and longer lasting results! I know a lot of people have questions about how long it lasts and does it hurt etc so id like to cover them personally here.

For starters i does not hurt at all, there is not really a bruising stage as with suction it is tight on the skin so it will leave a red mark of which will disappear within seconds.
(being such a hyprochondriac i would never use anything that causes me any pain!)

I have quite full lips anyway so the resuts for me a probably not as noticable with the medium oval size as it is for others who have thinner lips. It lasts for just about 2 hours, which has been increasing since i first used it. So the more you use it the more it will develop and work for you.

I put a tiny bit of moisturiser on my lips and around the pot just for a better suction 

 Contour palette - Amazon - Check my previous posts 
Lahes - Katy Perry Lolita stacked with Ardell Wispies
Lip Liner - Collection in Shade 1 nude pink
Gel liner - 17 gel liner 
Extensions - Amazon