Thursday, 26 March 2015

Primark Holiday Haul

This week i have been MIA!! I have been super busy sorting out my upcoming holiday to Rome......EEKK! Which im super super excited about and the whole purpose for my trip to Primark. But even before i get started on Rome im going to Brighton again this weekend! So i have been booking hotels and tickets for that.....oh and it doesnt end there i have now bought a Vet Assistant Course from Groupon which i have to keep on top of doing my modules! So fitting in my posts around that and work and life in general has been manic. 
So here i am now, i mean i was going to do a video on this but as you may of grasped i was short of time.

Pictures will follow. All in all i had a successful shop, with bits i needed and also some juicy bargains.

OK so my perfect has a handle to hold and a strap when my arm starts to ache (duh, cos girls carry so much in their bags) it has a little pocket at the front for things you just need to be able to grab quicktime, say for example your oyster card. The two zipped other sides are so roomy for all things to fit & the material of the bag is waterproof and so purrrrty. Slight downside is the zips can be a bit sticky and not want to close but im hoping with time they will loosen up!

Stripes and ribbed tops are my all time fave so for £4/5 each i picked up these 2, the white one has a bit of a roll neck going on which is also a hit with me so i will enjoy wearing these in Rome.

This cover up (which i dont think the photo does it justice) is pretty and beaded and has an aztec feel, great for keeping covered in the sun!

Yes, i am aware im going Rome and nor Paris but hey, it is cute right?

I did get another grunge style crop top but my uploading speed is so shocking i cannot wait any longer!!!! That, and my hair is turning grey! 

Pop down to your local Primark anyhow to see what great things they have in store!

I did get some cargo pants which was £7 down to 3 and didnt realise until i was at the till and my face was like a chesire cat ...and a top from £6 to £3!

**all my own opinion, not sponsored**