Thursday, 12 March 2015

6 palette contour foundation - Anastasia Beverley Hills dupe

Anastasia Beverley Hills is a brand we do not stop hearing about these days....right? Im always looking for dupes of popular items to review so when i found this ♥ palette ♥ as a dupe for the Anastasia BH contour one i clicked the buy button! From my ever so frequent friend Amazon @ a fab price of £4.85 !!! Jaw droppingly good huh.

I was very pleased with the pigments and how well they cover the face, it has given me such a flawless finish. I think i may be buying a load of these as im not sure how much powder you actually get, i feel like it isnt as much as i need...but at £4 a pop im sold! If you would like to try it out yourself follow the link and have a look :-)

The only other face (excluding eyes etc) make up im wearing is my W7 photoshoot foundation and the coverage of that is medium and isnt cakey. 

 Another succesful dupe :-)