Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Classy Motel's Rock!

Girlies it is that time again where i compile my love of all things non living on to my blog, making you all want to spend your pay day earnings! This post is all things Motel, i was browsing on their site and kinda got heart eyes over a lot .. okay ALL of their items that i just had to share with you!!
The style are very vintage-y


Monday, 28 September 2015

How to add body to limp locks!

My hair i thought, is pretty thick. How could it possibly get any thicker? I never really believed in these hair products that say they can add volume to your hair or lock in colour etc. Then i used the Jo Hansford volumising shampoo and my views on this changed almost completely! 

Being the ever sceptic i was amazed that my hair felt so much thicker after this and seemed to have more of a lift... i know some of you may be thinking yeh yeah, she is just making this up but the funny thing is i really am not. Since i have been blogging and reviewing all sorts of different products i have found out that it is worth steering from your usual hair routine to try different products to see if you can find anything more worthwhile. Like me you may be pleasently surprised, i used to have terrible problems with tangly, stringy hair after washing my hair and since changing my hair care products i have the softest hair!
It is the best feeling ever when you have the softest hair cos when i used to wash my hair and be in pain from brushing out tangles every time it really used to stress me! 

I would 100% recommend this Shampoo for anyone with dull looking hair and even for coloured hair, it has done wonders for mine and im already trying to persuade my mum to use it.....even though that means i will be running out soon haha

I didnt use the Jo Hansford conditioner but i think is will be a dream team to use both of them together, so i think that will be on my christmas list this year ♥

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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Barry M A/W collection

I recently got invited to the Barry M cosmetics Autumn/Winter collection event which was held at the London Bridge experience. This was my first ever event as a blogger and i had no idea what to expect! I had so many feelings, those quite similar to the ones i get when i go to interviews lol. The strongest feeling was just nerves like we all get when we do something we have never done before.
The location was so on point and such a suprise, it was like the London Dungeons with cobwebs, spooky smells and sounds and waiters dressed as zombies and dead brides!

I must say i didnt mingle too much just as it was a new experience and i was taking it all in! We got offered some of the sparkly stuff on arrival and lots of tasty food and sweet sweet music. There was a few tables which had some nail treatments going on, which was cool and the new collection was set up so you can have a sneak peek. I didnt stay as long as i liked just due to plans i had the next day and of course work *yawn* but i did get a bag of goodies with some of the collection in so i want to let you know my thoughts on them here :) just would like to say thank you to Barry M for putting the event on and creating a great atmosphere and making me feel welcome at my first ever event ♥

I loved the models and pigs head haha anything like this is right up my street so i was so happy when i saw them.

Im a huge fan of Barry M nail varnishes anyway, i have over 10 already so im glad i got a few more to add to my collection, these ones are all quite dark, with just tints of red, blue, purple and green. Perfect for halloween and of course autumn and winter! Will be my go to varnishes for the next few months. The blush and contour palette is perfect, i love the highlighter shade in it and i do like the bronze shade but that also has shimmer in it and i dont really like shimmer in my bronzer. The eyeshadow palette is a blend of the perfect colours and the pink/champagne colour is brilliant for a highlighter and it made my cheeks pop! Im not over keen on the lip palette, the colours are not very bright and nor do they blend on the lips well.

The pump highlighter is by far my fave of what i saw of the collection, it really makes light hit all the areas you put it on and is long wearing, i wore it to a TV studio with all bright lights and it was still bright and didnt wear off.

All the collection is avaliable exclusively at Superdrug and is in stores at Boots from Sept 30th onwards.

Much love,


Monday, 21 September 2015

OOTD | Wear it loud

The 70's theme continues this week on my blog featuring this stripe roll neck tunic from TOPSHOP! I paired it with some wedge boots from NEW LOOK (similar here) which are perfect to wear in this autumn weather. Excuse my white heels, i did attend a party recently and my tan has started to wash away haha


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Shrinking Violet body wrap! REVIEW

The lovely team at Shrinking Violet were kind enough to let me try out and review for myself their new product, which i think is on its way to revolutionising the weight loss world! Before i get into what the body wrap does lets talk about the packaging! I must  say i am a sucker for pretty packaging which looks clean and crisp and not too OTT. When i got this out of the box it came in i was so delighted with the look and feel of it ♥ Purple is such a pretty colour and the box cover felt so smooth and looked so neat, it did have a ribbon with tape measure detail on it but i was so excited i opened it before the photos :-) 

 What is it?
The shrinking violet wrap is basically what it says! It is a wrap, well in this case a suit that you put on with the solution included which helps you to loose weight and get rid of bad toxins!  It is that easy right!? Yes indeed it is, you simply rub on the solution given to any areas that you think are a problem to you, pop on the suit and wait! You leave it on for up to an hour and can sit still, exercise and go about your daily business.....just remember to put the suit on AFTER the postman comes otherwise you may get some strange looks haha

The suit helps to increase your body temperature which in turn helps you to sweat out the toxins and in effect lose weight a little at a time. The box includes a tape measure and measurement cards, so before you start do measure yourself and keep note to record how much you have lost! After my first time i saw immediate results and lost 3cm in some areas and 1cm in others! You also leave the solution on for 72 hours after rubbing it in your skin to see even futher results!

All the information is included in the booklet, with questions and answers. The solution smells so wonderful, a strong lavender smell which reminds me of relaxing!

 Does it work?
The thing with all weight loss products that you must remember everyone is different so what works for one person may not work for another. Also it isnt a thing where you can sit in the shrinky suit and eat burgers and fries and expect to lose weight. With anything it takes mental dedication in wanting to improve yourself but i think what is great about this is it helps to cleanse your body in a healthy way with you doing as little or as much as you want. Keeping hydrated is always important and using this product is a great way to keep on top of this as you are losing sweat and need to keep hydrated.


For me it did work with immediate results, even it was only a little decrease in weight! For the best results it is recommended you take the 90 day challange which i am looking to do and see what results i get then! 

I have read it can take up to 6 inches off your body!

If you are really serious about weight loss and the 
health of your body i would
really recommend this. Even if you are on a shake diet 
or reducing your meals i think this could be the next


for more information 

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*PR Sample, my OWN opinion*

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

LookFantastic SEPTEMBER beauty box - Birt'day edition!

After waiting a little longer than usual for the special birthday edition of this months LFbeautybox it is finally here, i spent days screaming at the post woman everytime she came * Wheres my parcel!!??*, relentless scrolling through my emails for THAT despatch update and now i can chill out and enjoy my goodies :-)

I'm always like such a little kid when i get any parcel but with this i think even more so because the front of the box is so pretty and when you open the box you have the layer of tissue paper to unwrap too haha so lets see what we have got! (

Before i even got to the goodies ♥_♥ a whole load of discount code cards was waiting for my loving affection right on top, some included GHD, ALL SOLE and MY BAG. Even if you dont personally shop at this places, christmas is coming and it could be an idea to buy something and get an added discount for a loved one.


Lets start with all things that are good for your hair!

This is a hair saviour! I mean if you colour your hair a lot
like i do, it can be hard to find a shampoo and conditioner which
penetrates through the hair and gives it that soft feel. My hair used to get so
stringy and tangled as i have dyed it so much and until i found
the right hair care to use it would never get soft!
I used this and it has left my hair soft even when i brushed it through
there was no knots, so im going to carry on using this and see what happens!
 #PHYTO keratine leave in conditioner
Now im not sure which one i had so i had to go all Sherlock Holmes 
and im pretty sure i have a leave in repair is called phytokeratine and 
i used this along with the shampoo and conditioner from the box
and the whole concoction made my hair so smooth. Even just 
putting this on my hand i could feel how soft it was and it smells divine.


Right now i do have the smoothest face on earth as i used all the face
care products last night but this one really stood out among the others
not only because i kid you not, it smells like...amoxacillin!! You know when you was a kid? The banana, yellow coloured medicine? It smells just like that
and that is one of my favourite smells ever! This was
a great cleanser and left my face feeling soft!

I have been looking for this my whole life,
the little beads that help exfoliate the skin and get rid of
impurities are so soft but also do the job. Now at beauty school of course you learn
you cant use a body exfoliater on your face
especially under your eyes as the particles are too big
and end up doing a scratching movement
rather than getting into the skin and removing the dead
skin cells etc. So this to me is the perfect little face
scrubber and it smells gorgeous, i will 100% be repurchasing this. It has left my face feel
so clean and soft.

So this little bad boy is a serum which helps to hydrate the skin and
also make you feel fresh. I put this on before i put any moisturiser
on and after i had washed my face. It did have a soothing feel to it and 
also the smell again was beaut, it felt very thin on the skin
and that is what i like about it. You know it is there doing its
job but not making you feel like you have sticky skin!


This moisturiser which includes shea butter is meant to
extend the life of your tan.. natural or bottle? im not sure
but i will be trying it with my fake tan soon and see what happens
ha, it contains carrot and seaweed which sounds healthy
so even if it doesnt work im still getting 2 of my 5 a day
, right?......

Let me know what you thought of the products
and if you have used them in the comments below!

Much love,



Tuesday, 15 September 2015

OOTD | Flare it up..

Between you and me i don't think we are gonna shake the 70's trend anytime soon, to be honest im not really helping at all as i seem to be embracing it haha
So here come the flares, the floppy hat and the tan colour clothes! These tile print skinny flares are probably a bit out there for some people but i think it is cool to make a statement once in a while and even if you dont want to wear them out in public, they are perfect for a night out or a seventies themed partaaayy!! The NewLook top (linked a grey colour as i dont think this is online yet!)  is super comfy and im thinking of teaming it with a mini skirt for a 60's look! Jumping the decades haha this floppy hat i have had for ages and have gotten so many compliments on it, i even think it looks great with all looks and every season... i mean maybe not in the snow or boiling sun..

In some photos i am wearing my LAMODA faux septum ring, i thought it added some funkiness!

Much love,