Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Beautify your face

Somedays your face can bore you (for me this always seem to happen on a monday, who the hell invented monday?! -_-) , no matter what makeup you put on or how
you style your hair you can still feel drab. I know i get this feeling
of wearing makeup but still feeling bare, this is where face accessories come in! 
For those of us...probably 1% of the population who don't have any body piercings we have to fake it and there is no better way than having fun with it. I mean its not my fault my ears closed up *crys*

I found these little bits on the NEWLOOK website in the sale for 90p!!
So get them before they are gone cos some of them are!
the faux septum which is still a huge trend is from

which ones would you wear? :)

 Thigh chain, is perfect to wear
on holiday on the beach, could totally change an outfit and compliment a
bikini ♥

I just styled the nose to ear chain different here, instead of it as a septum i used it on the side of my nose as a nose ring. I like it both ways though, so versatile :)