Wednesday, 16 September 2015

LookFantastic SEPTEMBER beauty box - Birt'day edition!

After waiting a little longer than usual for the special birthday edition of this months LFbeautybox it is finally here, i spent days screaming at the post woman everytime she came * Wheres my parcel!!??*, relentless scrolling through my emails for THAT despatch update and now i can chill out and enjoy my goodies :-)

I'm always like such a little kid when i get any parcel but with this i think even more so because the front of the box is so pretty and when you open the box you have the layer of tissue paper to unwrap too haha so lets see what we have got! (

Before i even got to the goodies ♥_♥ a whole load of discount code cards was waiting for my loving affection right on top, some included GHD, ALL SOLE and MY BAG. Even if you dont personally shop at this places, christmas is coming and it could be an idea to buy something and get an added discount for a loved one.


Lets start with all things that are good for your hair!

This is a hair saviour! I mean if you colour your hair a lot
like i do, it can be hard to find a shampoo and conditioner which
penetrates through the hair and gives it that soft feel. My hair used to get so
stringy and tangled as i have dyed it so much and until i found
the right hair care to use it would never get soft!
I used this and it has left my hair soft even when i brushed it through
there was no knots, so im going to carry on using this and see what happens!
 #PHYTO keratine leave in conditioner
Now im not sure which one i had so i had to go all Sherlock Holmes 
and im pretty sure i have a leave in repair is called phytokeratine and 
i used this along with the shampoo and conditioner from the box
and the whole concoction made my hair so smooth. Even just 
putting this on my hand i could feel how soft it was and it smells divine.


Right now i do have the smoothest face on earth as i used all the face
care products last night but this one really stood out among the others
not only because i kid you not, it smells like...amoxacillin!! You know when you was a kid? The banana, yellow coloured medicine? It smells just like that
and that is one of my favourite smells ever! This was
a great cleanser and left my face feeling soft!

I have been looking for this my whole life,
the little beads that help exfoliate the skin and get rid of
impurities are so soft but also do the job. Now at beauty school of course you learn
you cant use a body exfoliater on your face
especially under your eyes as the particles are too big
and end up doing a scratching movement
rather than getting into the skin and removing the dead
skin cells etc. So this to me is the perfect little face
scrubber and it smells gorgeous, i will 100% be repurchasing this. It has left my face feel
so clean and soft.

So this little bad boy is a serum which helps to hydrate the skin and
also make you feel fresh. I put this on before i put any moisturiser
on and after i had washed my face. It did have a soothing feel to it and 
also the smell again was beaut, it felt very thin on the skin
and that is what i like about it. You know it is there doing its
job but not making you feel like you have sticky skin!


This moisturiser which includes shea butter is meant to
extend the life of your tan.. natural or bottle? im not sure
but i will be trying it with my fake tan soon and see what happens
ha, it contains carrot and seaweed which sounds healthy
so even if it doesnt work im still getting 2 of my 5 a day
, right?......

Let me know what you thought of the products
and if you have used them in the comments below!

Much love,