Monday, 28 September 2015

How to add body to limp locks!

My hair i thought, is pretty thick. How could it possibly get any thicker? I never really believed in these hair products that say they can add volume to your hair or lock in colour etc. Then i used the Jo Hansford volumising shampoo and my views on this changed almost completely! 

Being the ever sceptic i was amazed that my hair felt so much thicker after this and seemed to have more of a lift... i know some of you may be thinking yeh yeah, she is just making this up but the funny thing is i really am not. Since i have been blogging and reviewing all sorts of different products i have found out that it is worth steering from your usual hair routine to try different products to see if you can find anything more worthwhile. Like me you may be pleasently surprised, i used to have terrible problems with tangly, stringy hair after washing my hair and since changing my hair care products i have the softest hair!
It is the best feeling ever when you have the softest hair cos when i used to wash my hair and be in pain from brushing out tangles every time it really used to stress me! 

I would 100% recommend this Shampoo for anyone with dull looking hair and even for coloured hair, it has done wonders for mine and im already trying to persuade my mum to use it.....even though that means i will be running out soon haha

I didnt use the Jo Hansford conditioner but i think is will be a dream team to use both of them together, so i think that will be on my christmas list this year ♥

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