Saturday, 26 September 2015

Barry M A/W collection

I recently got invited to the Barry M cosmetics Autumn/Winter collection event which was held at the London Bridge experience. This was my first ever event as a blogger and i had no idea what to expect! I had so many feelings, those quite similar to the ones i get when i go to interviews lol. The strongest feeling was just nerves like we all get when we do something we have never done before.
The location was so on point and such a suprise, it was like the London Dungeons with cobwebs, spooky smells and sounds and waiters dressed as zombies and dead brides!

I must say i didnt mingle too much just as it was a new experience and i was taking it all in! We got offered some of the sparkly stuff on arrival and lots of tasty food and sweet sweet music. There was a few tables which had some nail treatments going on, which was cool and the new collection was set up so you can have a sneak peek. I didnt stay as long as i liked just due to plans i had the next day and of course work *yawn* but i did get a bag of goodies with some of the collection in so i want to let you know my thoughts on them here :) just would like to say thank you to Barry M for putting the event on and creating a great atmosphere and making me feel welcome at my first ever event ♥

I loved the models and pigs head haha anything like this is right up my street so i was so happy when i saw them.

Im a huge fan of Barry M nail varnishes anyway, i have over 10 already so im glad i got a few more to add to my collection, these ones are all quite dark, with just tints of red, blue, purple and green. Perfect for halloween and of course autumn and winter! Will be my go to varnishes for the next few months. The blush and contour palette is perfect, i love the highlighter shade in it and i do like the bronze shade but that also has shimmer in it and i dont really like shimmer in my bronzer. The eyeshadow palette is a blend of the perfect colours and the pink/champagne colour is brilliant for a highlighter and it made my cheeks pop! Im not over keen on the lip palette, the colours are not very bright and nor do they blend on the lips well.

The pump highlighter is by far my fave of what i saw of the collection, it really makes light hit all the areas you put it on and is long wearing, i wore it to a TV studio with all bright lights and it was still bright and didnt wear off.

All the collection is avaliable exclusively at Superdrug and is in stores at Boots from Sept 30th onwards.

Much love,