Monday, 29 August 2016

#FASHION | Out with the old & in with the new - donating & thrifting

There certainly comes a time when my whole wardrobe needs an overhaul and im sure you feel the same too, some of us like to change with the seasons and some of us like to clear out ill-fitting, "non trendy" clothes every few months (guilty!) with the donating of old clothes comes the replacing :) i dont like to toot my own horn but i am an expert shopper (i could totally do that as a full time job, whos with me?!) but my special skill is thrifting! 

I love nothing more than snooping around charity shops finding the most perfect bargain, the most perfect way to relax my mind and soul.

A few months ago i actually did a big big de-cluttering process, i think at the time my mind was so cluttered - more so than my wardrobe, and as i couldnt shift it out of my mind at the time i did so with my clothes.
I find the process of sorting out items that i know im going to donate very enjoyable and clarifying! I love how donating something that is old or not stylish to me is like a treasure to someone else! But we must remember a few things about what we are donating

 My top tips for donating -

#DON'T donate items that are ripped, (unless its from Kanye's line) 
moth eaten or holey....or has stains on it..or dribble on

#DO wash your clothes before you donate or at least 
make sure they are 80% clean and smelling nice
(i have volunteered in a charity shop before
and believe me, ive seen thing..)

#DON'T get sentimental - if you are not going to wear it someone else
will, don't hold them back from rocking something you wont!

#DO ask your family members if they want to donate some 
items too, the more clothes the better :)

I got rid of a lot clothes i told myself i was going to wear but i never did, i had a few items that i seriously loved but they just didnt fit...they were brand new items so you can imagine it was harder for me to give those babies away without even handling them myself first!!

It's always a fairy tale ending though because i have found some out of this world items from thrifting, and i sit there and thank each and every person who has donating that piece to the shop. I love imagining what the rest of that persons style is like ...
i have found Victoria Beckham jeans before and they come with a hefty
price tag in the shops, i also found this dress which i simply adore

Get rid of your old stuff and use it as an excuse to buy some new old stuff...



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