Wednesday, 30 November 2016

#BEAUTY | A hair care range for dandruff sufferers

So, i have been trying the "care taker" range from noughty hair care which is specifically for sensitive scalps and also targets dandruff sufferers like myself. For those of us who do suffer with dandruff we know how irritating it is. Not only is it non stop itching grrrrrrrr but we have to deal with the snowflake look...self-explanitary right? also if you have darker hair like me it makes is much more noticable. 

So, why is this different to ant other range you ask? what about head and shoulders? or those medicated shampoo?

well, unlike those medicated shampoos you  can also get, this range actually smells divine due to the ingredients. (also how PRETTY is the design of the bottles <3)

 The shampoo has oat extract in the ingredients which i know from experience is super good for dry skin, yet i have not until now tried it on my scalp. It does have an oaty smell which i looooove and lathers up in the hair real nice.

The conditioner has extracts of olive oil which is great for nourishment and softness, what more could you ask for in a conditioner?!

I have been using this for a few weeks now and i am totally impressed with the results, my head is genuinley a lot less itchy...i feel like the other hair care ranges that i have used in the past may have had chemicals in them that irritated my scalp. I always seem to come to the conclusion that any hair care range that contains natural ingredients are so much gentler on my scalp and hair.

I also think they are worth the money, they will be a bit more expensive than most hair care ranges but its worth it if it sorts out your itchy scalp and dandruff problem!

Side note : how amazing is it that they dont test on animals like bambi, lassie or skippy. hehe, i lovethat attention to detail and that it is a vegan, non- animal testing product.

Let this range take care of your sensitive scalp and help nourish your hair too! Im intrested to also try some of the other ranges and see what benefits they will bring to my hair.

They are avaliable to purchase at Superdrug :)


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