Wednesday, 14 December 2016

#BEAUTY | Christmas gift guide for women

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly, sha a la la la la laaaa" 
Its that time of year again where you go shopping to buy for others yet end up coming home with new makeup and clothes for yourself! I know you are as guilty as me haha. So to try, and i say try very lightly because i have basically made a gift guide for a blogger and myself ..but to try and help you buy a few gifts for those special ladies in your life i have created a gift guide.
Whether it be your mum, sister, aunt ,gf or BFF..i hope to at least inspire you a little with my ideas :)

90% of people own a phone, so there is always an idea to buy a phone case. I personally would be very happy with a new snazzy phone case as i am an addict. My favourite brand is Skinny Dip London, i cant explain how much i want ALL the phone cases on the site, its not even a joke. There is something for everyone on there!! I think i had this idea on my gift guide last year also!

Xmas parties galore! New years parties galore!
 If there was ever a time for glam and nail varnish its now! Again with this type of gift it can suit everyone because it just depends on the colour they prefer.. i have used Barry M varnishes forever and i love the colour range they do and also the staying power.

YASSSS... my favourite subject. Makeup!! Bring on the glitter smokey eyes, the contour and highlight BUT at the end of the night it all has to come off, as sad as that is after the masterpiece that has been created! Instead of burning your face with those hellish baby wipes, give the gift of a makeup up remover just like this one from Nouveau Lashes, it is sooooo much softer on the skin and removes every trace of panda eyes!

p.s. dont forget those brows, a brilliant stocking filler the lash
 and brow conditioning serum is a must have!
I think the hardest gift to get someone is perfume, if you do not know their favourite scent then i would steer clear because you could be in for big disappointment! If you have been asked or picked up on hints for their favourite perfume then go for it, cos i am always grateful to accept perfume as a gift.
Something a bit more personalised now, if you know your gift reciever has a charm bracelet i think it is so nice to buy a charm that means something to you both. It is always nice to get something that is kind of like a secret between 2 people and means a lot more than just opening up a gift. Pandora also do beautiful rings and necklaces.

Happy buying :)