Wednesday, 15 June 2016

#RECIPE | Acai berry pancakes with pink lady apples

I think once in a blue moon it is nice to treat yourself to a slap up breakfast, no i dont mean the full english breakfast type! Just a dish that takes a little more thought and has that added love when being made. So i came up with the perfect recipe (if i do say so myself) when Pink Lady Apples contacted me and was interested in a collab! I had a look through their recipe lookbook and was pleasantly suprised to find out there was soooo much you can pair these apples with! Take a look for yourself , HERE. There is something for everyone with sweet and savoury dishes.

I wanted to add something a little different to this dish so i have decided to use some acai berry powder which is a superfood and you can read more about that in my previous post if you would like.
Anyway, lets get on with the recipe :)) 

What you will need - 

Acai berry powder
Pink Lady Apples
Baking powder  

For toppings -
Greek Yoghurt

 Mix up your flour, eggs, milk , bkaing powder and acai berry powder in to a jug. Make sure that the heat on your pan is up high so that the pancake will cook all the way through. The last thing we want is soggy pancakes :')

Pour it on to the heat and then flip over when one side is done. Then just repeat the step until you have 4 pancakes!

In the above photo i put some of the apple pieces like that so that i could stack my pancake and give it some oomf. Also it makes it taste nice.

Add a drizzle of lemon, a whole heap of honey (if you are sweet tooth like me) and dash of yoghurt and then add your berries and apple pieces on the side! 

It's nice to also make a cup of tea and use a hollowed out apple as the cup! Apple insufed or what?! MMM
 Voila! Here it is! The acai powder also gives the pancake a pinky/purple colour ( and berry flavour ) on the inside which makes it all the more delightful to eat :) mmmm!

oops, do excuse my half eaten pancake :)

I love how the pink ladies add such a crisp and refreshing feeling the dish and how we can all eat out honey drizzled pancaked without feeling guilty as we have the right amount of fruit!

What would you add your pink lady apples too?

Check out the recipes and let me know