Monday, 20 June 2016

#EVENT | The bloggers ball - hosted by Scarlett London

When i get an email invite to a blogger event the first thing i tend to do is squeal, so this is exactly what happened when i got the invite to the Bloggers Ball a few months ago! The event was hosted by Scarlett London and this made it all the more exciting as i had never before been to one of the events by Scarlett. 

So i have put together a little post about the day, including the location and the brands and my general thoughts on it all :) i also think i will do a seperate post with a review of some of the items i got from the amazing brands there! HERE

I always love these events because you discover brands that you may or may not have even known about before but more than that, you get to have a chat to them personally and see their passion shine thorough. As a blogger who is very passionate myself,  i really appreciate when a brand is similarly as passionate. It can really make a difference to wether i want to work with a brand or not! I love to also see a roomful of like minded bloggers, even though on this occassion i never saw any of the bloggers i know of ( i think maybe it was just so busy!).

The location was DSTRKT, Piccadilly and the time was 2pm sharp -ish . I had never been to DSTRKT before but had heard so much about it so i was really excited to visit the location and see what it was all about. Inside it was really chic and modern, a real good pick for a blogger event!

What was different in this event to others that i have been was the games they had set out for us bloggers. There was games where we had to try and draw a face blind folded, guess how many lip products was in one bag, also like an easter egg hunt to win a prize! I think that was such a wonderful touch!

The brands -

There was a nice variety of brands , from beauty to drinks, food and fashion. Here are some more photos and down below i will link some of the brands :)

Food & Drink

Beauty & Fashion 

and more!

The brands that stood out to me was Vatika Naturals - not only was the woman i spoke to so passionate and lovely but also very informative and i cannot wait to try out the hair care products! 

Selfie tan - i love a good tan and it is always nice to once in a while try a new tan to see how they apply and if they work better than the current one you are using. The packaging really caught my eye, not your usual girly pink!

So...? With attitude - the perfume and body sprays of my teenage years! Not only are they nostalgic to me but they do smell gorgeous! 

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Did you go to the event? If you did how did you find it and what was your favourite brand?