Tuesday, 7 June 2016

#REVIEW | Lily's Kitchen - food fit for doggie royalty

 This not - so -little guy has been super happy this week after he has some REAL yummy food from Lily's Kitchen! I reckon it has been a relief for both us, but for me i now know exactly what he is eating without having to worry about what kinda left over animal bits he could or could not be eating from his regular supermarket food!
 You remember when you found out that you was actually eating horse meat in your microwave meals than the beef it was meant to be?!!!

This guy is usually a real fussy eater and refuses to some supermarket foods (he knows its not real meat!), a proper food critic he is. So with his high standards it can be hard to keep him interested in foods, enter Lily's kitchen. With no additives or unfriendly unwanted bits i feel more at ease feeding him and giving him the odd treat here and there. I have read about how certain dog foods can affect the behaviour of your pet due to the additives and basically like E numbers in the food, now if i had kids i wouldnt really want to feed them E numbers ALL the time so why not treat the pet that you love so much the same way?

 I recieved an amazing booklet with my products (i'll get onto them in a moment - so excited!) which contains infomation of the product ranges and has an amazing recipe which you can make for your pooch or duchess yourself ! How cool is that?! The recipe could not be similar and also sounds super tasty for humans too - who knew you could give flaxseeds to your pet? 

Let me show you what i recieved-

 I love the treats - they are in a super beautiful packaging ( to be honest i am a huge fan of the whole theme) and have the tastiest flavours ..
Venison, duck and salmon
Peas and parsley
Chicken and duck
They have quite a mild smell and go down so well with Simba haha like i said he is really fussy and he actually only likes one other series of treats so i was suprised when he took to these. I have read a few reviews about how the food really makes a difference to a dog's coat and general health, so why not switch over now?

 This was pretty much gobbled down as soon as it was put on the plate haha! A rare sight for Simba who normally turns his nose up at his wet food. I am so delighted with the enthusiasm that Simba showed when i fed him the food and treats that i am recommending it to all my family who owns a dog or cat! Yes, they cater for cats too :) see the CAT range , here.

 (there is even a guide on how to change your pets diet over with ease)

I would love to thank Lily's kitchen for not only caring so much about the health of our beloved pets and promoting such positive vibes but also the customer service team and delivery was 5 star +

 Try the casserole for starters!

 Let me know if you love the pet posts as much as me!!
I love creating them :)

*Sponsored review - although opinions are my own *